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Posted over 1 year ago

## What you’ll doDo you love building working software? Are you skilled at communicating? Do you have excellent self-management skills? Are you concerned with creating value? Do you love to learn? If you answered yes, then you might be the teammate we need.Our development team is responsible for the evolution and maintenance of our website, high-volume e-commerce / order management system. Our platform is custom built in Elixir (on the server side) and JavaScript (on the client side).Our current technology stack includes:* Elixir w/ Phoenix* JavaScript w/ React.js* Git* PostgreSQL* AWS (EC2, RDS, ELB, S3)We practice eXtreme Programming (XP) allowing us to build software that is soft enough to respond to ever-evolving needs and information. The linchpin is feedback, whether from stakeholders, users, code reviewers, or automated tests.In your role as a developer your most important job will be to empathize with our customers, with your colleagues across the organizations (from those who craft our products to the customer experience heroes), and with the developers who will help maintain the code you write.You will collaborate with the rest of the development team to write user and customer stories, to estimate the complexity of features and bug fixes, and to plan and later reflect on and demo monthly releases and weekly iterations.We work remotely, so you’ll need a dedication to helpful, responsive communication. We use Slack, Zoom, Pivotal Tracker, Product Plan, GitHub, Keybase, and Google Docs to collaborate and keep in touch.You will need to weigh the short- and long-term costs and benefits of different architectural and implementation decisions. You will be empowered to improve our software products continuously. You’ll hone your craft, taking on new technologies, challenges, and domains.## Energizing workWe are focused on providing an exceptional, energizing working environment. Some of our benefits include:* Competitive salary* Health insurance for you and your family* 3 weeks paid vacation + 1 week paid sick* 100% Remote development team* Schedule flexibility* Dedicated, self-managed research time* Educational opportunities* Conference stipend* High-end company laptop## LevelSenior## Must haves* Experience building Elixir or Erlang applications* Experience writing JavaScript* Experience with version control* Experience with relational databases* Familiarity with web architecture* Resourcefulness* Curiosity## Bonus points for* Experience working on a small, agile team* Experience working at a fast pace company* Experience applying functional programming patterns* Knowing when and how to leverage OTP appropriately* Experience building React.js components* Experience deploying and managing EC2 instances through AWS