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Posted 4 months ago

About Farmstead
Our mission at Farmstead is to make fresh, high-quality food accessible to everyone. We’re a new delivery-only grocer that’s re-inventing grocery from the ground up. We focus on mid-market customers (think Safeway, Kroger, etc) and bring them a best-in-class grocery product experience right to their doorsteps, even in areas traditionally underserved by supermarket chains. We accomplish this by writing consumer-facing and operations orchestration code that allows us to be highly efficient relative to legacy supermarkets.

AS OF MARCH 2020 WE ARE SEEING UNPRECEDENTED DEMAND FOR GROCERY DELIVERY AS CUSTOMERS SEEK TO STAY HOME AND AVOID COVID-19. We are growing explosively and because of our small engineering team, we are ready to hand over huge chunks of responsibility to smart, reliable people who get things done.

We’re located in San Francisco.

You are a seasoned engineering lead with a reputation for building highly productive teams. You communicate early and often with other stakeholders across the company to get full context on business priorities, and share those insights with your team to make sure high-quality work gets shipped quickly. You’re comfortable digging into the codebase when required to get features shipped or provide direction for your team.

You are comfortable working with stakeholders from a wide variety of roles and you carefully consider how the quality of your code directly impacts the day-to-day productivity of your teammates across Farmstead. You’re used to working with a product team on highly complicated systems, and developing a deep appreciation of how each line of code you ship will impact other KPIs over time and at scale.

You’re used to the commercial realities of software development in a startup environment, and are committed to shipping only the most high-priority work - even if it means leaving some fires smouldering. You have a high bandwidth and can manage projects across multiple departments, without losing your cool if unexpected setbacks arise or critical issues need immediate attention.

Our stack is React frontend, Rails (5.2)  backend, using Sidekiq for async jobs, and Postgres for persistence.
  • Experience hiring and managing a world-class engineering team
  • Thrives in a early-stage startup where the feedback cycle is often real-time and unexpected issues arise
  • You’ve helped an early-stage product scale
  • Deep React knowledge
  • Expert Rails knowledge
  • Strong SQL and understanding of ETL - you’ve built systems to maintain data-integrity between multiple areas of a business
  • Respect for product leaders and business KPIs - you understand the trade-offs between shipping rapid tests to hit product/market fit and code quality
  • Take and give feedback in a considerate way
  • Honest and passionate
  • Responsible team player
  • Competitive salary
  • Healthcare, dental, vision benefits fully paid for the employee, plus 75% covered for all dependents
  • Unlimited PTO
If you tick all the boxes then please write to us.