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Posted over 1 year ago

Motel’s engineering team: Writes the majority of our projects in an Elixir-centric stack, but in our current projects we’re also working in Node, Go, React, React Native, and Vue. Communicate skillfully with teammates and clients, both written and verbally. We’re able to discuss our work with people who have a wide variety of technical knowledge. Is passionate about personal growth as well as helping improve the quality of work across the team. Cultivates an environment of healthy communication, support, and collaboration — allowing safe and supportive code review and healthy test coverage. Has deep knowledge across a variety of programming practices, such as deployment, performance, debugging, refactoring, and design patterns. Solves complex problems at significant scale. Writes quality, tested, production-ready code. Is able to deliver refined features from abstract business requirements. If you check most or all of these boxes (especially experience with Elixir and the Phoenix framework), we would love to consider you for this position. Most qualified applicants will have 3 to 6 years of professional software engineering experience and have worked successfully on a remote team before. The starting salary for this position will be between $92,000 to $110,000.