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Posted about 1 year ago

\nPlease note that even though this is listed under Prezly, the position is at CrazyGames.\n\n----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------\n\nCrazyGames, a fast-growing browser games platform, is looking for a remote Full-stack Typescript Software Engineer. \n\nYou will be the main full-stack developer working on a complex responsive server-side rendered React application. The application has built-in internationalisation and high performance requirements. It is made with Typescript, Node.js, Next.js, and GraphQL. You will be working with our tech lead and front-end engineer on code used by up to 1 million people every day. \n\nIn a typical day you might:\n\n\n* Improve our performance by running testing tools, experimenting, and diving into browser rendering specifics.\n\n* Build a complete new feature based on a 1 page specification (all the way from the database migration to the react component).\n\n* Propose and implement improvements to our build system and testing framework.\n\n\n\n\n\nKey outcomes for the role:\n\n\n* \n\nWithin 2 weeks you pick up and close your first issues independently.\n\n\n* \n\nWithin 1 month, you can fully understand and give valuable feedback on complex Pull Requests.\n\n\n* \n\nWithin 2 months, you achieve a development speed similar to the rest of our team.\n\n\n* \n\nWithin 3 months, you execute an investigation task and have made a 1 page proposal on how to solve a complex technical problem.\n\n\n* \n\nWithin 4 months you fully understand the codebase of the main project that you will be working on, XX lines of code at the moment. \n\n\n* \n\nWithin 6 months, you fully understand the codebase of a secondary project.\n\n\n* \n\nWithin 12 months, you re-organize and improve critical pieces of code.\n\n\n\n\n\nWhat we offer:\n\n\n* \n\n5 talented, skilled, and motivated colleagues\n\n\n* \n\nA modern tech stack: Node.js, React, TypeScript, GraphQL. Terraform infrastructure on AWS.\n\n\n* \n\nA lot of responsibility and freedom. We hire only experts and trust them to deliver excellent results.\n\n\n* \n\nFlexible working hours and location. The results are what count!\n\n\n* \n\nVisits to Leuven: you will visit our office in Leuven (the world’s capital of beer) a few times per year. We pay for flights and accommodation so you can have fun with the team.\n\n\n* \n\nThe opportunity to play games and claim it's work.\n\n\n\n\n\n\nReach out if:\n\n\n* \n\nYou are intelligent, efficient, and organized. You have an attention to detail.\n\n\n* \n\nYou like open, efficient, and to-the-point communication and you have experience in working remotely.\n\n\n* \n\nYou have a strong understanding of a wide range of technical topics (ranging from databases and UNIX to software engineering patterns and browser rendering).\n\n\n* \n\nYou have experience with server-side rendered React applications and with Typescript.\n\n\n* \n\nYou like diving into new things, open-source libraries, browser APIs, and more.\n\n\n\n