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Posted almost 2 years ago

X-Team is an international company founded in Melbourne, Australia, that helps companies scale their development teams by providing them with extraordinary teams of developers from around the world.We are 100% remote and believe in building a world where developers can have access to an environment of growth and incredible opportunities regardless of where they live.We are also a community of people dedicated to unleashing our potential. We’ve fostered a unique, active lifestyle and culture around this idea that continues to attract thousands of developers to apply every day.We proactively support our developers, fund their learning and growth, connect them in roaming hacker housesaround the world, and give them a remote environment that motivates and inspires them on a daily basis. While other companies merely place and drop their talent, we provide unified teams of developers centered around the same beliefs, values, and lifestyle. We're uniquely situated to help shape how companies grow their businesses in the digital age and aid them in being able to do so properly with the right people. We work with big brands like Riot Games, Fox Broadcasting, Kaplan Inc., Coinbase, Google, Twitter and more…The Role:This is one of the most unique roles in existence. After all, how many tech companies have a full-time Dungeon Master on their roster? And why?We have a community of developers (aka geeks) and we give them Quests, which are month-long co-op Slack-based games designed to help them get energized and do more of what they love and get more productive. You can read about a very outdated Quest we made around fitness here: (We do much better ones now, just no time to write about them!)Another example is a Spy Quest that encourages people to work outside of their home, sending them to cafes and malls to 'hack' security cameras and 'plant devices' (take a pic of your discreetly placed "microphone coffee cup") or 'hack an ATM' (take a photo of an ATM), all while trying to help catch high profile targets.The closest similarity to all of this is Habitica: But less lame and way more epic.You'll be responsible for, each month, coming up with a new quest, playing as the GM/DM on it, compiling graphics you'll need for it (some Photoshop experience is a big plus here), writing minor storyline to help the quest progress, and creating all the mechanics that make it super fun to play with everyone while completing "real world" tasks.You'll report to the CEO, our chief geek.The Pay:Up to $15 per hour ($2,400 per month) based on experience and written English capability.$2,500 per year budget given to every X-Teamer which can be used for various activities which help you learn, grow and get energized. Examples include: gym membership, fresh produce, courses, conferences, babysitter, games, and more.About You:Aspiring game designer looking to start building some experience in game design.Beloved dungeon master/game master who loves getting a group of friends together for an epic quest.Passion for all or most of these: travel, gaming, tech, movies, fitness, photography, music, mental health.Extensive knowledge of games, especially tabletop games, and ability to adapt their mechanics into Quests.Personal:Independent, self-motivatedFluent in written EnglishProactive attitudePossess a spirit of generosityPerks:Live and work in one of our roaming hacker houses (X-Outposts) around the world.Work from anywhere as part of a community of digital nomads.Join our vibrant community, filled with opportunities to learn new skills together in study groups, join clubs (photography, gaming, etc.) and get free camera equipment/games/conferences/courses/massages/etc., charitable fundraisers, fitness & yoga programs (+gym membership), etc. This is the community to be in if you work remote.We’ll provide up to $2,500 in funding for your learning and growth through our Unleash program, which provides opportunities to unleash your potential through initiatives that help you grow as a developer and explore your passions more each day.