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Posted 8 months ago

Gameplay Programmer

  • San Francisco
  • Anywhere

We are looking for a gameplay programmer with an interest on working on a revolutionary game engine team in the AR space. A working knowledge of javascript is preferred, but a foundation in gameplay programming with experience in Unity or Unreal is acceptable.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Build visual, game logic and interaction features for mobile augmented reality experiences using a proprietary javascript runtime.
  • Prototype complex interactions and mechanics for mobile augmented reality in unity and / or unreal for ARKit and ARCore.
  • Collaborate with artists and engineers to refine the look and performance of augmented reality experiences.
  • Independently improve on and refine interaction mechanics.
  • Build designer facing tools in service of level design, sequencing, and other complex gameplay needs.
  • Build other tools and integrations as necessary to deliver gameplay features.
  • Use, critique and improve our game engine APIs as well as authoring tools.

Experience Required:

  • Strong programming fundamentals.
  • Some Javascript experience.
  • Experience developing both player-facing gameplay features as well as designer-facing tools.
  • An interest working in Mobile XR.

Experience Desired:

  • Experience optimizing performance on mobile platforms.
  • Experience building augmented or virtual reality content.
  • Experience taking mechanics from prototype to refined implementation.
  • Experience using React or React Native.
  • Experience shipping features on 3D games, preferably mobile.