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Posted about 1 year ago

Skills: C++, Django, Amazon Web Services (AWS), PythonRole

You will be working across the stack, from the front-end to our program synthesis backend. You will sit in on the UX/UI studies and take in the recommendations, and work with both the frontend and backend teams to operationalize them. You should be comfortable taking a leadership position in end-to-end features that will make a meaningful impact towards increasing the usability of our product.

* BS and/or MS in Computer Science.

* Strong knowledge of CS fundamentals and the ability to apply that knowledge.

* Adept at writing maintainable, modular, secure, and well-tested code.

* Familiar with good developer practices (CI/CD, code review, unit-testing, etc.).

* Substantial experience with Python 3.

* Desire to learn about areas such as programming by example, compilers, automated theorem provers, code analysis, and program synthesis.

* Excellent critical thinking, problem solving, and analytical skills.

* Solid communications skills.

* Ability to work both independently and as part of a distributed team.


* 4+ years of software development experience.

* Experience with AWS, C++, Z3, and Django a plus.

Compensation and Benefits

We value our team, and we value diversity. We're a small knit group with less than 10 employees, and we funded with a good runway. Our compensation plan is designed to reward our employees and support their families as much as possible, for a company at our stage. We have:

* Excellent benefits. We provide the best medical, dental, and vision insurance available covering 95% for you and 50% for your dependents.

* Excellent compensation package for salary and equity. We will put together the right package based on your profile and your needs.

* Choose your work style. (a) We have been WFH and work very effectively remotely. (b) We have an open vacation policy. Take what you need to recharge. Everybody is required to take a two week minimum. (c) Paid parental leave.

* Excellent work setup. We provide an ergonomic work setup for you to be as productive as possible.


- San Francisco, Seattle / Remote