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Posted about 1 year ago

We’re hiring for an experienced Go-programmer role. Your primary responsibility will be to develop the core systems that power our insurance products and to help spread your Go expertise at the company e.g., promote Go best-practices and mentor devs new to Go.Skills & requirements:Must be a US-resident. Sorry, this is a hard requirement.Computer science or engineering college degree, or equivalent experienceYou’re proficient in Go/Golang, with professional/production experienceYou’re comfortable in the web tech stack (HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript)You need to have excellent communication skillsSome of the stuff we'd love help with:Integrating with data providers to source real-time information on hundreds of data points; everything from property characteristics, such as roof construction material, to weather-related data that help us predict flood risk or potential hailstorm damageTurning statistical models developed in R into production-quality code that can make pricing decisions, assessing a customer’s risk. You DO NOT need to know R or have a statistics PHD.Building a smart qualifier that decides if an applicant is eligible to be insured, while also making sure to avoid purchasing expensive data for a lost causeContributing to important architectural and operational decisions like microservices vs. monoliths, deployment techniques, technologies, policies, etcBuilding an API so third-party resellers can purchase insurance from us programmatically And tons of future projects: machine learning for fraud detection, satellite/aerial imagery processing, IOT integration, etc.Our current stack:Backend/Core: Go & PostgresqlFrontend: Browser-based, VueJS & WebpackResearch/Data Science: R, ArcGIS, H2O & PythonWe're using GoKit for guidance, but not dogmaticallySingle binary for now, but separate services are likely laterYou’ll have a lot of influence on architecture since we're still earlyWe're hosting on Kubernetes/GKE