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Posted 11 months ago

Title: Growth Leader

Location: Anywhere

About your opportunity:

For over thirty years Duarte has delivered communication services to the greatest brands in the world. Our training organization has packaged our methods into world class training to help learners craft a presentation using story principles, create memorable visuals and captivate a room or a stage. We’ve been growing YoY and yet a handful of marketing and sales experts have looked under the hood and have said that we are sitting on a powder keg of unexploited opportunity. Today, our sales org is mostly an inside sales org’ answering inbound queries. There isn’t a well-oiled system, process or method. We are looking for an executive who operates at a high level and yet will jump with both feet in humbly in this formidable phase in modeling what great sales looks like. You’d be building relationships, know how to package up what will sell, create messages that will resonate, tweak the best dials to yield growth, and have a servant mindset. You will build out a sales and client success team to accommodate a buyer’s journey. This role sits squarely on the executive team and is accountable to grow the academy business at a rapid pace (Run rate at $20M by 2020). We’re looking for someone with a track record of scaling the company through excellent sales practices, operations and strong customer-centric philosophy.

Ideal candidate:

Your style is relational, conversational and consultative. You’re a natural pattern finder and can see connections in services, process, client needs, and buyer journeys others might miss. You set goals so high it makes others nervous, that is, until you consistently nail it every time. Clients love you so much they think of you more as a friend than a sales leader. You’re that person that has been part of many many bridal parties because everyone sincerely thinks you are their friend. You have years of sales methods, operational excellence, and team accountability that has driven big results. You’ve built, filled and managed the pipeline process and collaborated meaningfully with marketing (or even managed them) to create growth results.

People describe you as curious, proactive, adaptable, gritty and collaborative. You should demonstrate passion for the transformative power of our business and products, have deep understanding of business growth and scaling operations with the ability to execute and deliver extraordinary results.

Passion for Innovation: A demonstrated interest and desire to participate in innovation through your ability to listen to the market, report out its needs, have mastery of our products and industry, help identify skill gaps with clients that we can build a roadmap to fill.
Ability to Deliver Results: A track record for being able to set a vision and strategy, organize and lead a team, and implement to meet and exceed expectations.
Entrepreneurial Attitude: An ownership mindset that proactively defines and redefines our future. Has the chutzpah needed to overcome barriers, creatively problem solve, and challenge conventional thinking.
Comfort with Ambiguity: A willingness and aptitude for spending time in and thriving with deep uncertainty and environments where there is no clear right answer .
Positive Outlook: A problem-solving mindset whose optimism helps shape a culture into one that has meaning and belonging.

Bias for Action: You know when you can act quickly and when you need to slow down and think thoughtfully. But either way, you know that the right actions drive results.

The Role:

Executive-level Sales Acumen:

  • Meet growth sales goals as profitably as possible
  • Plan, direct and implement sales strategy and sales programs for corporate client sales
  • Build and track healthy sales pipeline and report against it
  • Define Duarte sales funnel and track against set of defined KPIs
  • Operationalize sales process from opportunity to close
  • Identify and win outbound, consultative and repeat opportunities
  • Develop, forecast and monitor budget to utilize operational resources
  • Size up the market opportunity for BU and L&D buyers for onsite training
  • Develop strategic relationships with key customers to maximize profit volume
  • Optimize sales activities and pricing models to maximize profit from each sale
  • Collaborate with marketing to ensure appropriate lead volume, nurturing and ABM plays will work.


  • Build and manage staff and hold them accountable
  • Nurture and grow team in sales skills and volume
  • Model for team empathetic listening, problem solving and consultative selling
  • Create strong and profitable staffing mix
  • Understand comp philosophy and what motivates others to sell and others to nurture
  • Know and deploy efficient technical tools to automate where possible.
  • Thrive in a performance organization with ability to manage people into high performers or mages them out.


  • Flexible and agile with a get-it-done problem solving mindset
  • Ability to achieve quarterly sales goals, department goals and corporate goals
  • Strategically sales-mindset, growth-minded, optimistic about driving product growth eliminating all roadblocks


  • Mastery of the IP and ability to consult, modify and collaborate with clients to solve their problems with it
  • Ability to understand pricing models for tailored and custom engagements
  • Strong writer who can frame up problems and how we’d solve them.
  • Collaborate with customer and curriculum Writers in crafting process and materials for deploying products globally across a multinational organization
  • Ability to scale globally through the licensing of products to multinational or selling train the trainer programs deeply into organizations.

To lead at Duarte:

  • Be a match to our value system to: Below, Lead, Innovate and Serve
  • Ability to help set long-term vision and strategy for Duarte Academy.
  • Experience as an executive driving growth and corporate change
  • Able to hold others accountable to great outcomes
  • Get results with technical tools with the depth to get reporting and accountability
  • Build positive relationships to ensure open communication
  • Create great experience for customers from first call to ensuring product was delivered and received well
  • Challenge the status quo and consistently seek opportunities to innovate and re-engineer processes to improve department and organization.
  • Act as a champion for Duarte by appropriately and continuously communicating market insights, and learnings to enhance credibility and reputation
  • Demonstrated ability to build, mentor and manage teams
  • Empathetic strong communicator who values alignment to get traction

Alternate Additional responsibility if they take on Marketing as a CRO or Head of Growth title:

  • Ability to manage a Marketing director to develop and deploy programs that fill the pipeline. Director role oversees demand generation, product marketing, sales enablement, digital marketing experiences


  • 10-15 years’ experience in sales with at least 5 as the leader accountable for top line revenue
  • Bachelor’s degree in related discipline degree required; MBA a plus
  • Strong sales and business skills
  • Experience leading buyer relationships, crafting strategies and writing proposals
  • Proven track record in proactively overseeing multiple complex projects and teams
  • Work well with a wide range of personalities and management levels
  • Excellent verbal and written communication and presentation skills
  • Strong analytical skills, with ability to demonstrate understanding of client business
  • Experience developing key account relationships and coaching teams
  • Experience managing and developing people