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Posted over 1 year ago

Overview The Growth Marketing Engineer is focused on executing innovative programs to drive results for our clients and company. Responsible for conceiving, evaluating, championing and building marketing processes and marketing stack integrations that unlock results for our client base. They will have numerous marketing, product, and operational levers to work with and should be comfortable with both getting very deep in the weeds technically, as well as contributing at a strategic marketing level. A successful Growth Marketing Engineer will be able to independently complete the technical task while understanding how the whole picture fits together. Execution and results are the keys to success for this position. Responsibilities: Development: Integrate Google Tag Manager on Client sites leveraging scraping and data layer to send data into various tools Segment Mixpanel Autopilot Amplitude Many others Create integrations plans and roadmaps to deliver on integration of various Martech tools Execute on martech stack integration and manage all development and operational task to accomplish integration Conduct A/B tests with different features and designs across multiple different platforms VWO Google Optimize Optimizely Work across the stack: mostly Angular, JavaScript, Node.js, WordPress and and PHP Create landing pages on the fly using landing page tools and wordpress Build responsive html email templates Maintain infrastructure/systems needed for optimizing both user growth and retention Conduct ETL (export, transform and load) of data from one tool to another using API technologies Growth Marketing: Strategize, design, plan and implement growth experiments, from generating ideas to analysis of experiment results Set up and optimize landing pages and email automation Solid knowledge of current marketing technologies Build front-end campaigns that bend the internet to our will Develop pixel-perfect landing pages or widgets for our growth experiments Understanding SEO/SEM, social and viral mechanics Evaluate A/B tests across the martech stack Metrics and Analytics: Develop dashboards and reports to regularly communicate results Visualize data patterns in various analytics tools Leverage various tools to prepare reporting for clients Google Analytics Mixpanel Amplitude Kissmetrics Assist marketing teams to interpret results and present them to management without bias to drive business decisions Make decisions based on data and A/B testing new features and ideas Client Relationships: Work directly with client in virtual meetings on a daily basis Can spec lower-level development and integration work with client on the phone Able to take detailed notes in meetings to get full scope of project requirements Write compelling, story focused, accurate and grammatically correct strategies and guides at a prompt pace Day to day Constantly be communicating via email and slack to keep team and clients up to date. Experiment with martech tools and create viral loops Stay up-to-date with the latest changes and trends in digital marketing and UI/UX Work with a cross-skill team on complex business problems to drive growth Qualifications: A proven track record of working with a remote team Great full stack programming skills Is a culture fit with the Effin Amazing brand Is looked at as a leader in their past team environment and maintains good working relationships Can take criticism well, and can hold other accountable Has a degree in analytics, statistics or computer science Ability to multi-task, prioritize, and manage time effectively Ability to work in a fast-paced, team environment Strong writing and communication skills Attended certification programs outside of general school to further career Attended more than 3 conferences in past 5 years to further career Worked at technical focused agency or consultancy in the past Has worked at a SaaS company with more than $2mm rev or funding for more than 2 years. 2+ years of experience in product management, user acquisition marketing or similar fields 2+ years experience building world-class, public facing web applications Understand and have used the following: Google Tag Manager Segment Mixpanel Amplitude VWO / Optimizely Google Analytics WordPress Trello Hotjar / Lucky Orange MailChimp / Mandrill Kissmetrics UTM’s Online Advertising platforms AdRoll