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Posted 28 days ago

Working with our Growth and Marketing team, our Customer Happiness team, and our Engineering team, this role is a perfect opportunity to work across multiple areas of a fast growing startup. While knowledge of Python is required, deep expertise is not (knowledge of Django is a plus). If you have an interest in growth and marketing, data, as well as engineering skills, this role might be right for you. 


Growth & Marketing

  • Configuring data integrations with tools like analytics platforms, email marketing platforms and other customer engagement platforms that HeySummit uses to organize our marketing and outreach
  • Combining data queries both from HeySummit (Django) and external tracking platforms to generate dashboards and report on metrics
  • Creating landing pages, making changes to existing marketing pages, helping build email templates
  • Collaborate with the Growth & Marketing team to select, test, and implement new platforms 
  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python (Django is a plus)


  • Provide advanced technical assistance to our Customer Happiness team members to investigate more complex issues.
  • Knowledge of Python is required (Django a plus), but expert knowledge is not expected.
  • Explaining technical issues in ways that Customer Happiness team members can understand when communicating with customers
  • Coordinating with Engineering team members for advanced technical support-related queries

About You

  • You're curious and love investigating issues, tools, metrics and figuring out how they work together
  • You're comfortable learning about and building integrations between things like Segment, and other tools
  • You're able to build dashboards with data from sources like Google Analytics, Facebook, and through running Python queries
  • You enjoy working with data and figuring out the best ways to showcase that data to help inform decisions