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Posted over 1 year ago

CVEDIA is a funded AI company that develops deep learning solutions for some of the largest organisations on the planet. Our computer vision simulation platform SynCity is the first of its kind - using gaming development tools and machine learning theory, we’ve created a custom, simulated universe that can train and validate AI models for things like autonomous cars, boats, and drones, as well as for applications like robotics, industrial AI, smart cities, and agriculture. Our team is located in 19 countries and we pride ourselves on being autonomous, invested, and highly communicative team members.

An engineering process that incorporates synthetic data in an effective manner is both safer and less expensive than one which does not. By making the safest option also the lowest
cost option, CVEDIA is destined play a pivotal role in ensuring the safety of AI sensing systems across all industries and sectors.

The successful candidate will help us to shape both our product offering and our technical vision, working closely with the CEO and the technical team to help us build an
understanding of how synthetic data can best be used to train and validate machine learning intensive systems.

They will help to turn that understanding into a value proposition
that can be communicated effectively to clients across a wide
range of industries and will help to market and sell that
vision with a mixture of public speaking and technical writing.

The position involves taking a leading role in building the data 
science capability within the organisation, helping to turn
dataset generation into a repeatable, reliable, value-creating 
business process.

If you have a strong background in engineering management and
machine learning, we encourage you to apply.

CVEDIA is a fully distributed company. All team members work
remotely. Core business hours are aligned with European 
time zones.

Responsibilities and Duties:-
1. Use your machine learning expertise to provide technical
consulting and input into product development.
2. Use your engineering management expertise to help grow
the technical and process maturity of the organisation.
3. Work within the customer acquisition process to build
elicit requirements and build confidence.
4. Use public speaking and technical writing to help sell
the technical vision to a wider audience.

Qualifications and skills:-
1. Bachelor's degree (ideally a PhD) in Artificial Intelligence,
Machine Learning, Machine Vision, or a related field.
2. Practical experience developing machine learning algorithms,
ideally using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks.
3. Practical experience developing machine vision, LIDAR, RADAR
or Infrared sensing systems.
4. Experience leading an engineering team through periods of
high growth and organisational maturation.
5. Excellent written, interpersonal and verbal communication

What We Offer

  • Fully distributed team - located in 19 countries
  • 4 weeks paid holiday per year
  • Yearly team meet-up
  • Scrum development process
  • Anti-discriminatory company culture - we won’t discount you for things like needing to pick your kids up from school, your age, your ethnicity, or your gender
  • An excited, communicative, and helpful team - we keep our work environment positive, but we also place importance on honesty

Our Values

1. Passion - We need both energy and passion to develop cutting edge AI. To succeed at CVEDIA, you need to have a strong investment in both your career and the role of AI in the future of the planet.

2. Commitment - CVEDIA has the opposite of a "quick-n-dirty" mentality. Every aspect of our technology has been meticulously built, and is always the product of very hard work.

3. Autonomy - Carrying confidence in the work we do individually is required to work at the pace that we do as a team. Academic research, tutorials, and even creating our own solutions with the tools we have are all on the board during a regular day's work.

4. Joy - It's one of our greatest strengths to bring joy and excitement into our workplace. We carry this energy into meetings, project planning, and our dedication to our work, and focus on work that feels meaningful.

5. Communication - Honest discussions are imperative to the flow of work and ideas. Team members need to be able to effectively communicate complex ideas to those who don’t work in their field. It's a regular occurrence to spontaneously discuss plans and ideas with any team member on the fly, including our CEO or CTO. Each team member is respected equally and acts as a valuable contributor.

How to Apply

  • Please apply using the "Apply to position" button on the top of this page
  • Please mention your city and country of residence in your application
  • English applications only - a professional speaking and writing command of English is required for this role
  • Due to time zone difficulties, we’re currently only accepting applicants in European timezones

For more information about us and videos of our work, please check out