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Posted over 2 years ago

WP Buffs is the very best technical support partner for any individual, business or organization with a WordPress website. Building strong and long-lasting relationships with our customers is our highest priority. We're looking to add a team member who can make the priorities of our customers their own. Your ultimate goals are happy customers and magnificent WordPress websites.Right now, we're doing $444K in ARR. By the end of next year, we will be a $1M company and it will be you who leads the charge. Boom! Manage on-page and off-page SEO and continually work to improve organic search engine performance, traffic, click-through rate, etc. It’s our primary marketing channel so this will be your baby. Completely manage our content development process and editorial calendar. This means attracting traffic to our website that's qualified for our care plans or partnership program (including blog posts, eBooks, white papers, webinars, reports, infographics, etc). We need to publish more must-have material! Work with our strong connections in the WordPress space to produce relevant content that meets the needs of our audience. And bring your own network in the WP space to work with us while you’re at it. At WP Buffs, community and our team is everything, so buy-in here is essential. Develop and execute on a marketing strategy to push WP Buffs into video marketing (webinars, how-to videos, etc) in your first 3-6 months. Video is awesome but we haven’t been able to dedicate the time to do it really well, but that’s where you come in. Increase our lead funnels through converting traffic via calls-to-action, lead generation content, landing pages, etc. This is pretty much figuring out what kind of messaging and content resonates with our audience. Continually optimize our marketing automation efforts and lead nurturing systems through content, social channels and especially email. We want to personalize messaging and content for every single person in our audience, but do it in an automated and scalable way. Collaborate heavily with sales team to get to know how our inbound marketing activity results in new customers, then use this information to continually improve our marketing messaging, conversion, etc. This is the kind of conversation that will help you make even stronger connections with our audience faster. Experiment, research, do competitor analysis and help WP Buffs push into additional marketing channels where we can excel. Executing on our already-successful marketing is part of this position, but so is being entrepreneurial and figuring out what will take us to the next level. Even more important than your responsibilities is how you fit into our team here at WP Buffs.Living and breathing our values and principles is an absolute requirement for any new recruit.OUR MISSIONEverything we do is driven by our customers and white-label partners. Our aim is to help as many website owners and digital agencies with WordPress as possible. The goal is to get so many people comfortable with WordPress that it powers 51% of the internet.OUR VALUESYou can read all about our values here ( They're completely public so that we're accountable for living up to them and our customers can hold us to these standards.OUR TEAM FOUNDATIONS Create an environment of trust: It’s hard to be vulnerable and unless we create an environment of trust, we won’t take risks. Asking for help and admitting mistakes resolves problems much more quickly. Have healthy conflict: It’s important that everyone feel safe to disagree. It hurts the company and the mission to never push each other to make better decisions. Commit to decisions: Once a decision has been made, the team commits to support it fully. Accountability to decisions: We are accountable to decisions, deadlines and commitments. Our decisions affect other people (team, customers, etc) and we are each responsible for owning what we commit to. Focus on results: We are measured by our output, not our input. The process matters much less than the product of that process. Results are our measure of success. This position is a great fit for someone who: Understands the structural functionality of WordPress Geeks out hard when it comes to inbound marketing Is a self-starter who loves to deliver sustainable solutions Demonstrates an ability to adapt and incorporate feedback from others Is a fast learner Is excited about working with a remote team Wants a flexible job that's not a traditional 9-5 Appreciates emojis and gifs Required: Firm grasp of the English language Minimum 2 years in WordPress Available Mon-Fri Experience with plugins like Yoast and WordPress in general Experience with tools like Sumo, ConvertKit, SEMrush, Ahrefs, Moz, etc Regular WordCamp attendee, speaker, volunteer or organizer The drive to be given goals and accomplich them no matter the method You have your own suite of SEO tools that you're ready to use Success in this position looks like: 2x unique visitors to this website in 6-12 months 2x conversion through entire sales funnel in 6-12 months Regular reports and 1-on-1s to continue to move things forward You ask a ton of questions because you want to get to know how we do things as intimately as possible You're fun to work with and everyone who works with you has a better day because of it What we expect: Confident and positive engagement with the WP Buffs team Active participation in WP Buffs internal team chat Feedback and contribution to the team so we can all learn Eagerness to learn Transparency with workload or needs Ability to turn constructive criticism into improved performance You must be able to give feedback as well as take it. Honest communication is crucial to our team Tools we use:These are the software tools you'll need to be (or become) proficient in: Teamwork Projects Teamwork Chat Google Analytics Hotjar ConvertKit Olark RightMessage Sumo WordPress SEMrush Advanced Web Ranking (AWR Cloud) Company perks: Work with a brilliant team Work remotely Unlimited vacation Flexible work schedule Healthcare, vision, dental 401k matching (coming soon) And 100% reimbursement for: Unlimited books Work equipment (standing desk, headphones, etc) Gym pass Co-working space Travel budget "WP Buffs is not for everybody. If you're looking for a job that will let you coast, get away with being lazy and not be a team player, you wouldn't last long here. If you're ready to commit to a great team for the long-term, take the next step in your WordPress career and ditch the traditional 9-5, we're looking forward to seeing what you're made of. Booyah!"- Joe Howard, Head Buff