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Posted about 2 years ago

What we’re looking forWe are looking for a talented and passionate engineer to join our infrastructure team (Europe only). We lay the foundations to power the entire Voxnest's podcast hosting and delivery platform.Why this job is importantThe infrastructure team takes care of managing a foundation of core services used to run and operate our applications, as well as educating software engineers on operating applications in production.It’s our responsibility to ensure an high service level both to our customers and internal team, quickly reacting on production issues and re-iterating on the whole infrastructure to continuously keep the systems up, running and resilient.What you’ll learn on the jobVoxnest has a very talented engineering team. Working at Voxnest, you will be in constant contact with the other engineers, and be able to discuss every technological aspect of the product and contribute to design architectural changes and improvements.You will continuously learn and work in production with cutting edge technologies (including Docker, Kubernetes, Prometheus), keeping up with the high pace of our industry without feeling stuck with old and boring stuff.What you’ll doYou will be responsible for the infrastructure, running on top of AWS multi-region multi-AZ. You will work to keep the system running, manage core services (including Kubernetes clusters, Prometheus, PostgreSQL, Redis, RabbitMQ, Jenkins, ...), automate all the things, improve observability and run deep root cause analysis on failures.You also will be asked to organize your time, plan your work, and respect deadlines. The rest of the team will always be ready to help you whenever you need it; you can count on a stimulating and pleasant work environment from day one.You will also be asked to join a weekly on-call rotation, that will take care of immediate support in case of incidents outside of working hours.What are the requisites to apply for this position?We're looking for a passionate engineer with some experience in both development and operations.You should ideally have some production experience with:AWS services, in particular: EC2, VPC networking, S3, CloudFront, LambdaLinux (any distribution)Docker and KubernetesMoreover, we do have a couple of strict requirements:Fluency in English (both verbal and written)That you reside in a European countryFinally, you'll get some bonus points if you have any production experience with at least few of the following technologies:PrometheusAnsiblePython