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Posted over 1 year ago

Core responsibilities includeMust be a very strong developer and enjoy development. We’re fans of doers, not managers;Help shape and execute bold visions for the future of the product and the company;Continuously optimize our development processes, our code base, and our production infrastructure.Job briefWe are looking for an amazing developer to help make our core product even greater. You will be interacting with CEO, CMO, and Chief of Staff, to incorporate vision, marketing, and customer input, and use that to show the world what a small team can accomplish that blows the lid off of what our larger competitors are tripping up over.You’re up to speed on current technology trends, but at the end of the day, your choices will be based on what benefits the customer and the business. If you are also an excellent communicator and public speaker, we’d like to meet you.RequirementsGreat developerLoves writing codeLoves working with other people writing codeLoves finding great developers and luring them over to come work with usA network of friends in the developer community you can bring over to work with usSmart as heck! Mensa member?A “Mechanic” in the Wealth Dynamics systemPhysics degree a plus. Comp Sci degree, we’ll consider you anyway. MBA, don’t apply.Great at thinking clearlyGood at communicating because you’re great at thinking clearlyLoves solving problemsUnderstanding of budgets and business-planningAbility to conduct technological analyses and researchExcellent communication skillsLeadership and organizational abilitiesStrategic thinkingProblem-solving aptitudeSimplero is a perfect place to work if you…Love growing personally, learning more about yourself, life, and getting Love learning new things about software and coding, as well as about life and yourselfLove being involved in helping other people grow, live their purpose, and make a differenceLove working with other smart people who are disciplined and take their responsibility very seriously, while also being relaxed, having fun, and care about and supporting each other.Love being of service.Software stackRuby on Rails 5.2MySQL for most data needs, PostgreSQL for logging databaseHTML, SCSS, CoffeeScript, Javascript (d’uh)React with Relay,GraphQL, EcmaScript, etc. for certain parts of the UIElasticSearch … for search!Memcached for cachingDelayed Jobs for background processingSentry for exception handlingLiquid for our themes/templating systemDeployed on AWSFastly for content deliveryWe’ve built our own in-house logging system that makes it very efficient to track down weird bugs (or user error) when they do happenWhy you should applyWe have a committed and enthusiastic teamWe are doing and creating incredible things together and have fun doing it!You’ll make a huge and direct difference in MANY people’s lives on a product they use daily.Once you’re part of the team, we root for you and encourage you in going where you need to go in your life.Huge opportunities for personal growth. We will see you and support you.Working at Simplero is a life-changing experience. Just ask around on the team.Extremely flexible.Work from anywhere!Competitive salary.Equity position and profit sharing.To apply, please start by completing this short questionnaire: more jobs at Simplero