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Posted 8 months ago

iOS Automation Testing Engineer

Location: Anywhere

We want an experienced iOS Automation Testing Engineer to join a team building out functionality for a complex new iOS application. You’ll be working closely with the developers to establish best practice testing approaches and ensure the quality and stability of the final build.

We are a remote-first company with a globally distributed team of 70. We’re proud of the way we get great work done. Our clients love working with us and we partner with them on long-term projects. Our teams are engaged and excited about our work.

What do we offer?

  • Work as part of a talented, globally distributed, successful team
  • A focussed adherence to our agile/scrum processes (we really believe it helps getting good work done)
  • An expectation that you understand the product, that you help Product Managers and Developers think through the implications of new features.
  • A great working atmosphere where you can share and learn with other smart people
  • The best-in-class toolsets: Slack, CI/CD with Docker etc
  • Competitive rates
  • A long term working relationship: at least a year working on this project, then others.

You’ll be:

  • Working within a fast moving team (working 11am – 8pm Central European time)
  • Figuring out and prioritizing automation tests
  • A key member of the team in ensuring quality of changes that we release to production.

Good English verbal and written communication skills are essential.

This is a contract position with a long term outlook (6 months+ full-time project) for the right candidate. We are looking for remote workers (most of the company is remote).

Why is it good to work with us?

We know that big ideas and big results only happen when you have the right people, working together smartly – whether that’s across the room or across the globe. We make the work fun and rewarding.

Because we work on cool projects. Sure, we can list the latest set of technologies that we use, but that is a given. What’s more interesting is how they are used – the design, the architecture, the approach to solving business problems. And we do that across multiple clients – each and every one we’re excited to work with.

Because we believe in constant learning and exploring – whether that’s a new skill, a new role, or a new way of seeing. And because we’ve found that we learn the most when we take on new challenges as a team. We’re proud that people love working with us (and still have lives outside of work).