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Posted over 1 year ago

At Big Nerd Ranch we empower individuals and organizations to dream big and achieve more through innovative digital product development and training.  We do this through our signature immersive bootcamps, our quality online trainings, our elite consulting capabilities and our best selling Big Nerd Ranch Guides.  

We have a vision to build relationships that drive partnerships with 20 Fortune 500 companies and train 200,000 designers and engineers by 2020.  How are we going to do it?  It's all our people -- we only hire the best.  We are passionate about writing stylish code and teaching others to do the same.  We then live through our values.  We are a community of Nerds who are Brilliant and Curious, Hard-working and Accountable, Kind and Authentic.  

Sound appealing? Learn more about us.

As a Developer, you will...

* Develop applications for Big Nerd Ranch and for our clients

* Code-review your teammates

* Write stories (use cases, technical and functional requirements), tests and code.

* Help guide clients towards effective solutions that balance technical requirements and business needs.

* Attend development meetings (stand-ups, kick-offs, retrospectives) and design sessions with teams and clients.

* Inspire fellow nerds, future clients, our students, and the community at large by writing, speaking, contributing to open source software, and demonstrating our collective expertise and experience.

As a candidate, you...

* You know the core aspects of iOS development including architecture, design, configuration, the Xcode environment, Objective-C and Swift

* You have a solid knowledge of multithreaded programming and UI concepts

* You've endured the App Store submission process

* You have excellent written and verbal communication skills

* You're friendly; strong interpersonal skills are key for success

You might also...

* Have created APIs that conform to the JSON API spec.

* Have interest in web development (e.g. React, Ruby on Rails, etc.).

* Have interest in translating UI/UX wireframes into clean and efficient Sass/CSS.

* Enjoy teaching others and can clearly describe complicated software to your fellow developers.

* Have a passion for speaking publicly or blogging regularly.

The benefits we offer to full time employees:    

* Health, dental, vision, life insurance; 401k matching, short and long term disability

* Any hardware, software or services you need to do your job are always 100% on us.  

* A flexible, remote-friendly and learning based environment where creative ideas are explored and the desire to learn new technologies is encouraged and valued.

* Must reside in the US and be legally authorized to work in the US.

At Big Nerd Ranch you will make a difference and contribute to the development community in interesting ways.  Are you up to the challenge?