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Posted 2 months ago

We're looking for someone to architect an iOS app for our SAAS product

We're a small, 100% remote team, with seasoned developers who want to learn iOS. We'd like you to lay the groundwork for our iOS app, and help the team get up to speed w/iOS.

We're interested in hiring you on a contract basis, and exploring a full time position if there is mutual interest in joining our startup!

We have a huge feature set from our web based mobile app that we want to replicate/improve in a native iOS app. Ideally you have experience working in some of these areas:

  • strong knowledge of iOS design patterns and application architecture
  • shipping enterprise grade iOS apps
  • unit/integration testing
  • building intuitive, searchable media galleries to handle thousands of photos/videos
  • syncing large batches of photos/videos to a device
  • capturing photos/videos from the device camera
  • photo/video processing (cropping, zooming, filters)
  • linking w/social networks via OAuth
  • passing media to other iOS apps (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook)
  • chat interfaces
  • analytics interfaces (dashboards, sparklines, etc)
  • iOS notifications

If you're in North America, you like sports, and you want to work w/a team that is smart, fun, and moves quickly please reach out!