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Posted 12 months ago

The Walmart iOS app has reached #1 in the US App Store and is used daily by millions of customers. As part of the Core iOS team, you'll be deeply involved with the entire application, providing libraries, tools, and guidance to dozens of developers, ensuring smooth delivery to customers, and diving deep into troubleshooting technical problems.

Our highly distributed team is on the forefront of the battle for the future of retail. You'll be working shoulder-to-shoulder with a top-notch and diverse group of iOS, Android and services developers. Work remotely, or come join us in Portland, where our office is still small enough to feel intimate, but driven by a Fortune 1 company determined to lead the pack in eCommerce.


- Expert-level Xcode, Swift, and Objective-C knowledge, or sufficiently demonstrated potential to achieve mastery quickly via deep knowledge of C/C++, modern UI development, linkers, compilers, etc
- Bachelors degree or higher in Computer Science or equivalent industry experience
- Experience working in both large and small organizations
- Understanding of the native underpinnings of React Native
- Familiarity and comfort with compilers, linkers, build systems, and project configuration

Dev life:

- Excellent remote working culture: decisions are made via video call, Slack and Pull Requests: not at the water cooler. 
- Dynamic processes: every sub-team defines its own processes, with sane defaults provided at the team level. Everyone has a voice and can change how we work and the tools we use.
- Streamlined CI/CD process- we release weekly and most of the process is automated
- Weekly tech-talks and hack-time
- Latest MacBook Pro workstations