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Posted 9 months ago

IoT Prototyping [ReactJS, NodeJS] REMOTE


CONTRACT FULL-TIME was born from the F/OSS community as a way to connect open source developers with amazing gigs.

We spent years building a community of the best technical talent in the States – now several thousand strong.

We take our cues from the engineers in our fold: what’s blocking the best talent from working with the best teams? What is impeding fast, scalable growth for software companies? Those are the problems we think are worth solving – and around which we’ve built our business.


The client’s cross-functional team of engineers, designers, and project managers have quickly established themselves as thought leaders and innovators in the IoT space. The platform has set the standard for openness, scalability, and security and powers solutions for some of the largest and most respected brands in the world. The team also manages one of the most authoritative and popular enterprise IoT media properties on the web: IoT For All.


  • The company is looking to add to their existing team of 12 engineers.
  • They need application engineers to build solutions for clients. Want people who can interact with clients.
  • Need people proficient in front-end Javascript, NodeJS, ReactJS.


  • Open to anywhere. Client is based in EST, so extra points if you are nearby.


  • Close to full time at 40/hrs per week


  • Rates need to be ~$40-60/hr

By now, you know our reputation on HackerNews, Reddit, and other spots for taking care of our community. Join up and get serious about your career.

  • “One of the best teams I’ve ever worked with.”
  • “There’s visible, constant improvement; it’s not just lip service.”
  • “You guys paid for my Jeep Wrangler.”
  • “Working with has, for the first time, allowed me to fit work into my life instead of life into my work.”