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Posted about 1 year ago

Atomia delivers cloud management and billing software to service providers all over Europe. We focus on enterprise clients that expect industry-leading service level and expertise. Among our customers are some of the leading telecom and hosting companies in Europe.

Now, we are looking to expand our team with remote positions, starting with IT operations. Remote is not new to us as a company, we have always had offices in Serbia and Sweden. We also have several team members working completely or partly remote.

We offer a fast-paced and fun workplace with a friendly and open atmosphere. Our whole team meets in different European locations twice a year for a team building/company meetup.

Our Ops team works with large customer environments and internal operations. Our software and services are used by hundreds of thousands of users every day. You will contribute on every level with maintenance, monitoring and with the development of our operational services.

We are looking for someone that can work independently and with great communication skills. Our day to day work involves both communicating with customers and driving internal processes and development forward. We expect our team members to be able to work in a self-driven mode while understanding and keeping track of their responsibilities.

Examples of responsibilities:
  • Maintenance of application infrastructure in AWS and Azure
  • Maintenance and operations of applications and hosting infrastructure in VMware and OpenStack environments
  • Monitoring and error management in multiple environments and applications
  • Continuous improvement of monitoring, system efficiency, security and service reliability.
  • Documenting systems and processes as necessary to ensure operational continuity

Required skill set:
  • Linux administration (Ubuntu/Debian, Redhat/CentOS)
  • Network administration (firewalls, routing, switching, etc.)
  • Database administration (MySQL, MS SQL, PostgreSQL, No SQL databases)
  • Cloud and virtualization (Amazon AWS, Azure, OpenStack, VMware, KVM, Xen)
  • Programming and configuration management (various scripting languages)

What we offer:
  • Work where you’re most productive
  • Flexible working hours so you are free to plan the day
  • Whatever equipment you need to do great work
  • Gym or other sports/fitness contribution
  • Health and pension insurance
  • If you like working from a Coworking space, you can do it and we will pay (and yes it is allowed to just buy lattes so the cafe doesn’t kick you out)
  • Keep growing by attending a local paid conference a year
  • 2 x annual teams retreats 

If you feel that you are the person we are looking for and that you are up for a challenge, we are anxious to meet with you. Please apply and make sure to write a personal note specifically for this application. We value written English and we would love to hear why you are a great fit for us.