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Posted over 1 year ago

**We're running an Online Hiring Event this Saturday to hire Java Chief Software Architects ($100K/yr).**

Online Hiring Events are live forums designed to enable you to understand the role and requirements through an interactive Q&A session followed by a self-directed testing process. The testing takes between 3-5 hours to complete. It’s worth taking the time to finish all the tests because we evaluate every single complete application to find the top talent.

This event will include all testing required to apply for the role. Upon grading the tests, and if you advance, we will set up an interview with the hiring manager.

**As the Java Chief Software Architect, you will be in charge of conducting code reviews to ensure your team delivers standardized and high-quality artifacts.**

We are seeking hands-on professionals with a robust Cloud background and who are comfortable with aggressive weekly targets.

This leadership position demands proficiency to conduct tech reviews, write unit tests and guide a talented pool of architects to seek new ideas to solve business problems continuously.

# Responsibilities
* Developing expertise in one or more of our proprietary enterprise software products.

* Leverage your broad technology capabilities to set and maintain a level of various technologies to architect and deliver quality products.

* Only the best and most disciplined in their work are expected to succeed.

* If you are open to learning new skills, making decisions based on metrics, challenging yourself on a variety of products, and improving your productivity on an ongoing basis, then this role is for you.

# Requirements
**Candidate Requirements:**

* Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or Electrical Engineering

* 8+ years of experience in hands-on development in Java architecture and programming

* 4+ years experience working in an environment where CI/ CD tools are used

* Have a minimum of 2 years experience leading or mentoring junior developers

* 2+ years experience in writing unit tests

* At least 2 years of working experience using cloud services such as AWS

* Proven experience with performing code reviews (has dedicated a minimum of 25% of monthly time on this activity)

* Has worked with back-end technologies based and latest development frameworks

* Has experience working with two or more of data related technologies and familiarity with others from various; Relational databases, NoSQL databases, Caching systems, Full-Text Search engines, Big Data systems

* Has at least 2 years of experience with the TDD approach, doing unit testing, mocking, integration/UI testing, behavior driver testing, writing unit test cases

* Has good experience working with, setting up and configuring any continuous integration and delivery systems, any code quality automation technologies

* Has experience with one or more cloud or devops services like AWS, Docker, Heroku, Digitalocean, etc

* Has experience with one or more front-end technologies including templating, CSS and JS frameworks.

* A true “roll up the sleeves and get it done” working approach

* Demonstrated success as a problem solver, result-oriented, self-starter

* Comfortable “working virtually” with teammates and customers around the world - we do a lot of Skype and video conferencing

* Good proficiency in the English language

**System Pre-requisites**

These are the recommended and minimum system requirements for participating in the online hiring event.


- Any IDE

- Java 8

- MySQL 5.6+

**Bootcamp Program:**

To apply for a role at Crossover, you will go through a series of online tests, usually during the online hiring event. If you pass these tests, you will be offered the opportunity to participate in our four full-time week Bootcamp training program.

You will be compensated for 40 hrs/ week at the hourly rate for the role you are applying to. Bootcamp training is an excellent opportunity to learn about our culture, expectations, tools, processes, and procedures. It's an intensive and demanding program that only the best candidates can complete successfully.

If you are one of the top candidates that graduate from Bootcamp, you will be offered a choice of several exciting positions available for your role, with any of the Crossover teams.

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