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Posted 2 months ago

\nThe Opportunity\n\nSalad is at a key inflection point: we've successfully built a seed-stage product to connect users, their idle computers, and the ever growing demand for computer power. Now, we're ready to put fuel on the fire and scale Salad into the next big thing in computing. Our users trust Salad to turn their idle computers into rewards with the click of a button. Building and maintaining trust is core to everything we do. We reward our users with gift cards, subscriptions, games, and more. Today these idle computers support public blockchain networks, but we're quickly building a distributed infrastructure with our sights set on exascale computing.\n\nWe're looking for a software developer to help us build this future of computing. Reporting directly to the Director of Engineering, this role will have the opportunity to influence the design of key components and drive the implementation of major features.\n\nWe support some flexibility with work schedules, but we also work together as a tight-knit team. Collaboration and meetings necessitate a time zone between UTC-05:00 (Eastern Time Zone) and UTC-09:00 (Alaska Time Zone).\n\nThe Role\n\nAs an engineer on our cross-functional team, you'll work collaboratively with product managers, designers, fellow engineers, and support technicians to build high-impact features in our core and developing products. This role is highly technical, and you'll be a top code contributor. Your efforts will be focused on user interfaces, web-based applications, cross-platform desktop applications, APIs, microservices, data security, and third-party integrations.\n\nThe Tech Stack\n\nSalad successfully shipped a MVP in less than 3 months using serverless infrastructure. As we grew, we hit the scaling and throughput limits of these services. We spent the last year building a rock solid, hyper-scalable application infrastructure all the while delivering the most requested new features.\n\nOur open-source desktop and web-based applications are built in TypeScript on Electron, React and Node.js. Our APIs and services are built in C# powered by ASP.NET Core and Microsoft Orleans, a framework for robust, scalable, distributed applications.\n\nWe have a continuous delivery workflow that leverages Terraform and Docker to deploy our applications on AWS, Azure, Cloudflare, and Netlify. We love to automate all the things and deliver high-quality experiences to users all around the world.\n\nThe Skill Set\n\n\n* 5+ years of experience in software development.\n\n* Proficient with JavaScript, TypeScript, React, and Jest. Extra points if you've built an application with Electron.\n\n* Proficient with C# and ASP.NET Core. Extra points if you've used Microsoft Orleans.\n\n* Excellent technical and communication skills.\n\n* Experience with agile methodologies.\n\n* Work independently to follow through on assignments with minimal direction and take action when answers to a problem are not readily apparent in equivocal situations.\n\n\n

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