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Posted 8 months ago

In this role, you'll be working with a dynamic and creative team to add features to and maintain our existing node js / preact app. We give you lots of freedom to implement the way you want, and you can choose your own work hours. \n\nWe use live video, cryptocurrency, and a bunch of other cutting edge technology.\n\nIn this role, you're ideal if: You love coding. You love doing things nobody has done before. You love helping businesses thrive.\n\n# Responsibilities\n JS development - front and back end. \nWork with Git/Github.\nDeploy code once in a while.\nSupport (and occasionally debug during) live events once in a while. \n\n# Requirements\nExperience with React/Preact, Node.js, and general web dev. \n\n#Salary\n$28,000\n \n\n#Location\n- 🌏Worldwide