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Posted over 1 year ago

Your mission

  • You bring ideas to life. You develop product improvements that help thousands of people to be happier at work. In our interdisciplinary feature team, you take ownership of technical conception, implementation, and releasing of features. 

  • You’re our clients’ lifesaver. Every developer takes a turn to work on maintenance.  Customers will praise and thank you for your help. You save their day by enabling them to overcome technical issues, in collaboration with our support team.

  • You build a well-oiled development-machine. We constantly strive to improve our Code Quality, DevOps and infrastructure. Coding is fun when developing scalable and maintenance-friendly modules is made easy. 

You’re good at

  • You are strong in communication. You are fluent in English and love to work with people from around the globe. You also know how to validate decisions and communicate them clearly to your audience.

  • You are passionate about software development. You are familiar with TDD and Agile Development. You have professional work experience developing SPAs. Ideally, you have experience in AngularJS 1.x, Node.js, MongoDB, AWS and Docker.

  • You enjoy both coding and taking the lead. You love coding and building great things with your own hands (and a keyboard ;-) ). But you also have experience in planning high-level goals (3-month projects) down into an action plan and know how to successfully guide a team (2-3 people) to achieve the goals -  while having fun.  

  • You are a team player. You understand that we can only be successful as a team. Like everyone else in our great team, you are fair, honest and respectful.

This is what you get

  • Work from where you are happiest and enjoy a flexible day schedule. We are a fully distributed team,  working from different locations and time zones, each individual following their personal daily schedule. We all commit to 40 hours a week with 4 hours of overlap 9 to 5 (UTC +1).

  • We meet up in real life. We all travel together at least once a year at our team retreat to have fun and get to know each other.

  • We build and maintain a strong team culture. Our working culture is based on our three core values: We are keen to learn, We take ownership and We play fair.

  • Your work has a direct impact on our customers. To do this we believe in a focused approach, with company-wide objectives, and with each team member working on a single top priority at a time.

  • Your opinion matters. We trust our team members to make the best decisions to achieve their goals. We don’t micromanage.

  • You collaboratively learn and grow​ by working hands-on hard problems with your team of highly talented minds.

  • Are you tired of useless meetings and slow decision making? We have flat hierarchies, no bullshit meetings and iterate quickly.

  • You work with top-notch technologies and best practices. We use Test Driven Development, Continuous Integration and Domain Driven Design to build a single page application backed by a serverless infrastructure.

What are you waiting for?

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