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Posted 10 months ago

WP White Security is a young WordPress development company that develops high-quality security and admin plugins. Our plugins are installed on more than 100,000 websites and are used by world renowned businesses such as Disney, Amazon and Intel!\n\nJoin our growing distributed team if you already have some WordPress experience and you want to become an expert! We are looking for a junior PHP / WordPress developer that can work during European time zone hours.\n\nWe are still a small team, however, we have a large customer base. So there is a lot of room to grow within the company.\n# Benefits of working for us\n* Work from anywhere as long as you have your computer and internet connection (remote)\n* Work in a flat, small and young organization\n* Long term engagement – we are looking for a committed candidate who within a few years can become a source of knowledge\n# What will your job be\nYou will be helping with development and testing of our WordPress plugins portfolio, and also with implementing theme changes on our own WordPress websites. Your tasks will span from writing code and scripts, testing the plugins and fixing bugs, expecting that new and changed code is thoroughly tested and well documented.\n\nYou will also be interacting with our support team to help troubleshoot and resolve customer issues, and interact with the rest of the team for knowledge sharing and product work.\n# Requirements\n* Excellent verbal and written English\n* Good understanding of web development best practices\n* 1+ years experience working as a PHP / WordPress plugins developer\n* Foundation knowledge of JavaScript\n* Good understanding of Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP (LAMP) environments\n* Hard working and passionate – we are a young start-up\n# How to apply\nSend us your CV to [email protected] If you have a Github, BitBucket or other repository with example of code you have written, please include them in the email so we can take a look at them. In the email also include the answers to the following questions:\n* What are your payment expectations?\n* What are you looking for in your next job?\n# Application process\nOnce you submit your application, in which you should mention any work you’ve done and reference any Github accounts, WordPress plugins and themes you have built, we will send you a test. If successful, we will schedule an interview. \n \n\n#Salary\n$28,000\n \n\n#Location\n- 🇪🇺EU-only