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Posted 3 months ago

\nOur team is thrilled to announce that we are looking for passionate developers of all levels (junior, mid, and senior) focused on creating solutions and capability for Kubernetes. This position is full time remote with a preference for candidates based in Italy or Brazil.\n\nYou will be joining a high caliber group of developers, designers and research specialists. A team entrusted with the research and development of the latest technologies, the coolest gadgets and most engaging UI's. A team that is committed to solving some of the biggest software challenges, tackle some of the most advanced concepts and who are willing to laugh, learn, love and enjoy the experience along the way.\n\nYou'll be helping Entando customers in Rome and beyond develop modern web applications using the Entando platform.\n\nIf you are an enthusiastic, intelligent, technology driven, rigorous, team oriented, agile-ready, open source loving, coffee lover... we want to hear from you.\n\nWe are fun. We are free-thinking. We are driven... We are Entando.\n\nRequirements\n\n\n* 3+ years development or devops experience\n\n* Experience building applications for Kubernetes\n\n* Experience creating CI/CD pipelines and with CI tools (Jenkins/Tekton/Travis/etc.)\n\n* Experience with Java\n\n* Knowledge of RESTful JSON APIs\n\n* Expert level  with Docker\n\n* Experience with Spring Boot\n\n* Experience and knowledge building for a microservice architecture\n\n* Working knowledge of JS, CSS and HTML\n\n* Experience in designing and developing web applications\n\n* Experience developing software frameworks intended to be used by other developers\n\n* Experience working on customer focused projects or in professional services\n\n* Experienced in Scrum and Agile practices\n\n* Experienced in Test Driven Development\n\n* Experience with distributed version control (Git and Github)\n\n* Experience with SQL database (PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle, other RDBMS)\n\n* Fluent spoken and written English communication skills\n\n* Comfortable with Maven\n\n\n\n\nWe’ll be especially impressed if you have:\n\n\n* Experience creating pipelines and CI/CD architectures in Kubernetes\n\n* Experience with React, Angular, or Vue\n\n* Experience with OpenShift\n\n\n