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Posted almost 2 years ago

We are looking for an entrepreneurial lead developer with a passion for building SaaS products and CTO-potential. This position will be ultimately responsible for leading and owning the QuantHub tech vision and team. What is QuantHub?Youve heard all the buzz about AI - its impossible not to have heard it, its everywhere. It doesnt seem to be a stretch to say it will fundamentally change the interaction and interface between humans and technology. Companies that arent currently investing in data science and AI are already behind. The problem is where do you find the data scientists that can do the work? Theres a tremendous shortage and, because of the hype, nearly everyone is claiming to have data science skills. Enter QuantHub, an AI-driven talent assessment platform for attracting, vetting, and developing data scientists, weeding through all the noise to determine if a data scientist or analytics professional has the skills to do a specific job, the ability to translate those skills into real-world project execution, and then the communication skills to effectively explain their approach to solving a particular problem. QuantHub was founded by StrategyWise, a data science consultancy, who saw these recruiting/vetting challenges first hand and decided to do something about it. QuantHub recently closed a seed-stage funding round and is coming out of a very successful beta with a few big-name companies, including a top-tier management consulting company and a large financial institution. Next up is expanding the team and pursuing broader market adoption. What will you do in this role?This is a ground level role in the early stages of a funded startup in the thriving Birmingham startup ecosystem. If youre entrepreneurial, ambitious and a versatile engineer, this is your opportunity to build/expand a platform, lead and scale a company.Day to day, you will own the technical vision and execution while also being one of the primary hands on developers - currently PHP/Laravel, Vue.js, MySQL, and NGINX, hosted on Azure. Youll play a key role in product strategy/development with deep exposure to users/businesses and their feedback, while also setting the tone for culture, performance and quality.See more jobs at Quanthub