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Posted over 1 year ago

Requires availability in PST timezoneDESCRIPTIONClevertech is looking for a Sr DevOps Engineer to join our global team and support over 20 development teams with cloud infrastructure using terraform, docker, kube, jenkins, test suites, logging and reporting. This position requires excellent verbal and written communication. You are comfortable having a meeting with the head of IT of a major organization as well as configuring security to solve new issues that show up from pen test scanning.Ideally you are AWS certified and have a software development background. You are able to devise proactive solutions to project-related issues and inspire trust in all stakeholders. You’re a team player who is ready to work with your team to find solutions.REQUIREMENTSMust have:Strong background in Linux administrationStrong grasp of automation/configuration management Experience with Amazon AWS toolsVersion Control with GitExperience with CI/CD in JenkinsComfort with with frequent, incremental code testing and deploymentComfort with collaboration across functional bordersAdditionally Important:Experience in highly-available IT operations: fault-tolerance, zero-downtime deploy, scalabilityDocker container technologyKubernetesContinuous Integration and Continuous Delivery best practicesTrunk-based developmentInfrastructure as code (we use Terraform)Security Best Practices / Secure architecture and designBENEFITSOwn Your TimeWe are a completely remote team. That means we have a large amount of trust and a lot of flexibility. World travellers, young parents, nature lovers, and commute avoiders love working here. Manage your own desk successfully with Clevertech’s support resources - learn how to manage your time, organize your digital life, etc. We also will pay for a co-working space in case you feel like working outside of your normal setting. Recharge TimeWe insist that you take recharge time. This means, you’re required to take at least two weeks per year to refresh, plus you’ll have the day off for major holidays and that includes your birthday because your existence is worth celebrating!Care For YourselfYou’ll receive a health/wellness monthly stipend that goes towards covering medical insurance, dental insurance, or joining a gym!StabilityKick that consulting/agency work stigma out the door! We’re looking for future Clevertech Brand Champions - a majority of our developers have been here for 4-7 years and we’re not looking to change this. When one project is finished, the next is close on the horizon, take the time in between to brush up on technologies with our corporate access logins, work on over 30 exciting open source projects, or take some time to relax and reward yourself for a job well done. Just because a project is done, does not mean you’re employment is done!Focused WorkYou will work together on a dedicated team with your eye on one finish line at a time. Our teams are nimble and agile, and cover the technical range you would expect from world class product delivery teams.Learn At Your EdgesWe believe in learning and provide unique programs that improve your tech skills, leadership skills and even challenge you in personal development. CleverWednesdays, guest speakers, leadership training, mentorship opportunities and in-depth industry exposure are all on offer here. And of course, if you speak at a tech conference, we cover all expenses.Clevertech SwagKeep your eye on the mail - we send out swag everywhere in the world and there are celebratory pictures of Clevertech socks, hoodies, and mugs all over Slack. Earn swag through providing support to your team, being one step ahead, working at a delightful speed, OWNING IT, and much more!Want to learn more about Clevertech and the team? Check out Culture Video