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Posted 11 months ago


Despite good people trying hard and investing a lot into resources, information security is broken. Existing security tools are expensive, complicated, and ineffective. The bad guys are winning.

We have a product, a vision, and a team that can turn the tide. By making good security simple and affordable, we can democratize it, helping smaller organizations that have been neglected, priced-out, or, simply—failed—by existing solutions. In helping them, we help their customers, and, overall, make the Internet a safer place for everyone whose data is on the wire.

Now, to succeed in our quest, we need help from smart and driven people, like you. You’ll be joining a small team and will oversee a big chunk of the product. This will mean responsibility, and freedom; risk, and opportunity; anxiety, and exhilaration. You’ll build a lot, learn a lot, and grow a lot as an engineer and leader. The challenge is big, but so is the reward for getting this right. Are you in?


The product and interface we are building is not your uncle’s PHP website.  Our stack is modern, our systems are built with current best practices in mind, and our data pipelines are engineered using cutting-edge techniques. We use the cloud in innovative ways that allow us to scale rapidly and adapt to changing needs, while letting our IaaS provider do much of the boring work.

Although back-end data pipelines and lots of infrastructure make the gears turn, the front end is an absolutely critical component of what we’re building.  Making it functional, simple, effective, and, yes, beautiful is an important and non-trivial challenge. If we get the customer experience right, our customers will love the product, embrace it, improve their security, and succeed.  When they do, so will our team. Your job will be to help lead the front-end engineering work needed to get them, and us, to that place.


  • Enthusiasm and dedication to building something that matters

  • Meaningful professional experience in front-end development (bonus points for some of it leading), with an interest in growing both technically and as a leader

  • Experience with React, or a deep knowledge of another modern front-end javascript framework and a strong desire to learn React

  • You enjoy learning things, collaborating, mentoring, sharing knowledge

  • You are an excellent communicator: quick, clear, and kind

  • Bonus points for: infosec interest, big data, AI/ML, analytics, visualization, UX


  • Competitive compensation

  • Meaningful equity

  • Good benefits (medical, dental, vision, life, pre-tax retirement plan with match)

  • Ambitious and dedicated (but friendly!) teammates

  • Flexible culture, including support for remote work (and no crazy long hours!)

  • Interesting technical problems in the important infosec space (a mission that matters!)

  • Opportunity to have a huge impact as an early hire at a small (pre-funding!) growing security startup with traction but with lots of interesting problems still left to solve.

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