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Posted 4 months ago

We’re building something that’s not easy, we need the best, you can work from home, we have an annual company trip, and you’ll get a deep level of satisfaction. IC role but setting standards for the team for code quality. The target is to continue building out our focus around Payments and Events. If you don’t have at least 10 years of professional, hands-on development experience, this role is not for you.

Remote, on 100% of EST hours

Report to


Blackthorn is looking for a full stack dev to set standards for our team. You’ll be sharing this with our CTO, dividing up his responsibilities. You’ll be setting standards for four other devs with a growing team.

The position requires above average attention to details, concern for the exact correctness of work, and a strong commitment to tasks completed on time. You will take work seriously, have a strong sense of duty, and discipline. A somewhat faster-than-average pace will be the norm for this position. Detailed, specialized work is the major focus.

The position will provide security in a stable work environment, allowing you to plan for, focus on and complete tasks on hand. When changes in the nature of the work occur, you will receive direction, training and support. The position will generally be task oriented, requiring you to have a conservative, careful, and cautious approach to work.

You’re a tinkerer. You’re a specialist. You don’t classify yourself as an expert in any one language. You have a personal, public repo of projects you’ve tested just because you enjoy it. You prefer writing code 90% of your day. You’ll make magic happen with our Events app.

You’re someone who’ll try to do something even if it doesn’t make sense all for the sake of seeing if it breaks something.

Role Brief

  • Write and review full stack code (Angular, React, Node, Mongo, and a lot more)
  • Set standards for the team
  • Write and review internal documentation

Why is our work important

Our apps provide our customers what they’re looking for with Events and Payments without being hard to set up. Most apps in our space take weeks to implement. Our apps take hours and they work more flexibly, achieving significantly more functionality than our competitors’.


IC (individual Contributor) or Management. We’re at the precipice of the classic SaaS hockey stick growth chart and are now starting to scale, so those who produce will be able to define their own path. We deliver a bigger scope of your responsibilities then larger companies and your impact will be directly quantifiable to the success of the company and our customers.

Onboarding Process

You’ll work with our internal teams to learn our stack and vision over the course of many months, but you will be expected to begin contributing within a few days.

What the job will bring you

A deep sense of satisfaction. A chance to continuously learn, be challenged, and deliver functionality to customers who crave it. Generally speaking, we deliver what’s most popularly requested to fill needs not filled by other apps in the marketplace, in a way that we think will provide the best UX. And we love our team. Meaningful work and meaningful relationship is why we are here.


  • Review PRs from the team. The buck stops with you before code makes it into the master branch
  • Execute on tickets
  • Write APIs
  • Design the architecture with the team
  • You’re not a robot, you’re a thinker. You challenge

Tech Requirements

  • Very efficient with code
  • You know tooling very well
  • 5+ years system admin experience
    • Linux/Bash/ZSH
    • SSH
    • Cron
    • Apache/NGINX
    • SSL/OpenSSL
  • 5+ years DBMS experience
    • Design
    • Normalization
    • Maintenance (Backup/Pruning)
  • 5+ years with server side development using varied stacks and frameworks
    • PHP/Laravel/Codeigniter
    • Ruby/Rails
    • Python/Django
    • Node.JS/Express/Koa
    • Go, Rust, etc.
  • 3+ years experience designing and implementing REST API’s
  • 3+ years working with NoSQL databases
    • MongoDB
    • Kafka
    • Casandra
    • Redis
  • 3+ years with Node.JS
  • 3+ years Dev-ops experience
    • Amazon AWS
    • Microsoft Azure
    • Google Cloud Platform
  • Programming language polyglot (min. 3 unrelated languages)
  • 3+ years of automated testing/linting processes and applications
  • 5+ years front-end experience
    • HTML/CSS
    • Javascript/Angular/React
  • Mobile development experience

Non-tech Requirements

  • Excellent English written and oral communication
  • Detailed and organized
  • Happy working from home
  • Self-learner
  • Happy in a fast-paced environment

Personal Requirements

  • Keen eye for detail and a commitment to excellence
  • Good intuition
  • Be willing to help your teammates, share your knowledge with them, and learn from them
  • Be open to receiving constructive feedback and turning it into process improvements
  • Excellent English written and oral communication
  • Detailed and organized
  • Happy working from home
  • Self-learner
  • Happy in a fast-paced environment
  • Concern for getting work done on time and correctly
  • High standards of quality and accuracy
  • Must be comfortable in making decisions in area of specialty or expertise

What We Offer

  • An incredible team of smart and supportive people
  • A deep feeling of satisfaction and completion
  • Work from home
  • Health insurance
  • Annual company trip. This year we’ve rented an 11 bedroom Airbnb in Orlando.
  • Pledge 1% – time off during the year for helping nonprofits
  • 401k (no matching yet)
  • Maternity/Paternity Leave

Our hiring process

  • Emails back/forth with CEO (Q&A)
  • Behavioral fit test (from Predictive Index)
  • Provide prior proof of your QA work
  • Chat with the CTO
  • You can talk to anyone on our team if you want
  • Chat with CEO
  • Offer letter or decline

About Blackthorn

We have three native apps on the Salesforce AppExchange for managing Events, Payments, and Donations. We’re a growing, internationally distributed team in four countries. We move fast and have significant structure in our product build process. Everyone on our team has deep experience within their respective roles. Our customers span from 1 person companies to Fortune 500s.

Location: Remote, on 100% of EST hours