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Posted over 1 year ago

Analytico is a highly profitable, major player in worldwide crypto markets and trades billions of dollars every month across a wide range of products.  We are consistently ranked among the largest trading firms on the biggest exchanges in the space.

Our team is small and highly skilled and is looking to expand remotely.  We are presently looking for an experienced senior python developer who would be capable of taking over development of a portion of our trading stack.

We are a 24x7 operation and work in a fast paced environment where your work will directly impact on the profitability of the company as a whole.  As such each staff member is apportioned a percentage of company profits on a monthly basis as a bonus.

Our existing team is based in the UK and we are looking for someone on a European or American time zone so that a large portion of their working day will cross over with the London team.

The right person will be someone who can work independently and take on a great degree of responsibility and be accountable for the code that they produce.  This role requires a *significant* amount of experience coding in Python and in particular working with external APIs, tuning for low latency and working in a multithreaded and multicored environment.  

This role would ideally suit someone who loves to code and wants to bury themselves for days at a time into deep technical problems with minimal interaction with other people.  Although there is a team to be part of you will be required to be independent and take responsibility for a section of the technical estate and impress those around you with the solutions you are able to produce.  We care far more about your ability to code and solve problems than your proficiency as a social butterfly.  The successful candidate will have the opportunity to manage their estate from architecting solutions through to building and testing.  For those that are able to achieve this there are significant rewards available.

Please note that we are a very private organisation and do not trade directly with retail clients.  For this reason we purposefully do not maintain a client facing presence.  As such googling our name or reviewing our website will provide little information.  However if you have any questions please get in contact and we will be happy to answer them for you.

Key Responsibilities:
  • Architecting unique solutions to technically challenging problems
  • Building and helping to maintain a high performance trading environment
  • Management of interaction with 3rd party APIs and exploring innovative ways to gain a competitive advantage
  • Tuning the trading stack for low latency and extremely high throughput

Required skills:
  • 5-10 years working as a senior developer in Python or similar languages (with at least a number of years in Python specifically)
  • Experience of tuning Python for low latency
  • Knowledge of working with libraries such as Pandas and Numpy
  • Well versed in working with multiple threads and cores and the issues involved
  • Experience of coding up to and managing complex external APIs
  • An ability to cope with a fast moving and technically challenging environment
  • Knowledge of Redis and AWS highly desirable

What we offer:
  • A truly remote working environment
  • Funding for a coworking space if you need a dedicated area to work
  • Excellent base salary
  • Percentage of company profits as a monthly bonus
  • The ability to work with the latest technologies and high performance infrastructure
  • The opportunity to work at times that allow you to work at your best
  • Additional perks negotiable for the right candidate

Do you think you have what it takes to join a highly skilled, fast paced team who are at the leading edge of crypto trading?  Are you a deep technical thinker and exceptional coder?  If so please send us your CV, we would love to hear from you.