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Posted about 1 year ago

A cool, fully-remote startup is looking for a Lead Software Engineer… preferably one that does NOT suck!
He must be a generalist with 8+ years of experience and ability to do the work of both a backend developer, a data engineer, and a project manager.

On top of the salary, we will be giving him stock options, performance-based bonuses, and annual profit share,**BUT…**

He must be an**absolute perfectionist**.
He's not doing it just for the money — He simply can't call something "done" when it's not near perfect yet!

Do you remember how "*Monica*" from *F.R.I.E.N.D.S* was obsessed with the little details? Now, Imagine if she became a software engineer somehow…Do you think this is you? Okay, we want to hire you if you match the requirements below!

# Responsibilities
* Architect, build, and scale new features as our lead engineer
* Act as a project manager turning product specs into technical requirements and sprints, assigning them to team members, and keeping an eye till deployment
* Be our on-demand savior who can step forward and deal with technical roadblocks
* Responsible for overall code quality, reviews, and unit tests
* 70% of your day goes into coding, not management
* Coach, mentor, and support our small team of resourceful engineers
* Report to the CEO and make sure we're meeting our product roadmap
* Write technical documentation and maintain the project wiki
* Doing technical interviews for new hires

# Requirements
* 8+ years of rock-solid experience building web applications
* Expert-level proficiency with ALL of these: Python, Django/DRF, ElasticSearch, Bash, and Apache Kafka
* 2+ years of experience with data pipelines, workflows, ETL processes, and batch/real-time processing
* Advanced scraping skills using tools like Scrapy and Selenium
* Rock-solid experience with AWS
* Sherlock Holmes-like detective skills; You know how to dive deep into data investigations to identify unknown problems and debug data anomalies
* Ninja-level SQL skills with good knowledge of BigData, schema design, and PostgreSQL
* An expert when it comes to agile methodologies and Git

Also, experience with any of these is**a PLUS**: Recommender Systems, Golang, React.js or Next.js, Software Architecture, or Algorithm Design.

So as you see, we're looking for the best.
If you think this is you, [Apply now and let's talk](!

# So, What will we build together?
DealTracker is a real-time aggregator that collects deals from all the major online retailers and ranks them based on factors like price comparison, price history, product reviews, and brand reputation.

It's also a curated shopping platform where people can curate products into shareable collections in a Pinterest-like fashion. They can also follow their favorite brands and product categories for personalized deal discovery.

We didn't launch the product yet, but [you can demo our old PoC here to get an idea](