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Posted about 1 year ago

At Stitch Fix, our goal is to help our customers look great and feel great about themselves by revolutionizing how people shop. In a time-starved world where shopping often feels overwhelming, our business connects customers to clothes they love. Whether it’s helping someone dress for success at a new job or taking the stress out of packing for a family vacation, we fix clients’ closets – and they love us for it!

We’ve built unique, innovative software for merchandising, warehouse and inventory management, remote styling, and logistics. We leverage vast amounts of client data to make decisions throughout the company. All of this results in a simple, powerful offering to our clients and a very successful business. We believe we are only scratching the surface of our opportunity, and we’re looking for incredible people to contribute!

Stitch Fix’s Fix Requests engineering team is hiring for empathetic, curious engineers to join our growing team. We build software – both customer-facing & backend – that empowers clients to interact with their stylists, so that our clients can find clothing they love in their Fixes. We’re motivated by our ability to improve clients’ interactions with Stitch Fix & measure the impact of our work on the business. We are a distributed team that collaborates & pair-programs across 3 time-zones, and we love building relationships that enable everyone to learn & ask questions.


  • Are enthusiastic about technology

  • Are motivated by solving problems and finding creative solutions

  • Are respectful, empathetic, and curious

  • Thrive in collaborative teams with a shared goal

  • Believe in autonomy & taking initiative

  • Have roughly 5+ years of professional programming experience.

  • Have 3+ years of experience with Ruby on Rails

  • Have experience with microservice architectures

  • Enjoy mentoring your teammates & seeing their skills develop

  • Are based outside of the Pacific Timezone, and have experience working remotely

  • Might have experience leading projects with 2-4 engineers

  • Might have experience with Postgres, Redis and/or RabbitMQ


  • Empowers clients to give more input into their Fixes through interactions with Stylists

  • Enjoys pair-programming with our direct teammates.

  • Collaborates with engineers on other teams to build sensible software

  • Partners closely with product management & designers

  • Solves business problems that frequently (not always) involve writing code

  • Is responsible for the ongoing health and maintenance of the apps we build

  • Iterates on our agile-inspired process to help us build better software


  • Are a successful, vibrant, fast-growing company

  • Are a technologically and data-driven business.

  • Are at the forefront of tech and fashion, redefining shopping for the next generation.

  • Are passionate about our clients and live/breathe the client experience.

  • Get to be creative every day.

  • Have a smart, experienced, and diverse leadership team that wants to do it right & is open to new ideas.

  • Believe in autonomy & taking initiative.

  • Have sunny offices in Austin, TX and Pittsburgh, PA, or your home :)

  • Full support for remote work—and you get to visit our San Francisco office every few months to connect with your peers and partners.

  • Offer transparent, equitable, and competitive compensation based on your level to help eliminate bias in salaries, as well as equity and comprehensive health benefits.

  • Are serious about our commitment to life-work balance, and have generous parental leave policies.