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Posted 11 months ago

We're seeking a Senior Software Engineer (Full Stack) to take on the following responsibilities:

* Lead front and backend technical development work as part of the reconfiguration of ITEP’s microsimulation tax model—currently based on legacy Visual Fox Pro (VFP) code—to a Python web app to be deployed on an Azure platform.

* Lead the technical development, integration and iterative improvement of ITEP’s tax modeling capacities.

* Communicate clearly with multiple constituencies, soliciting and digesting feedback from both technical and non-technical users.

* Ensure that all code development, data handling and version control are done efficiently, securely, transparently and in a manner that improves user productivity and timeliness.

* Support documentation of ITEP’s model processes.

Candidates should already have the following experience & skills:

* Three to five years of experience as a full stack software engineer.

* Specific experience with:

* managing cloud deployments (e.g., Azure, AWS and/or Google Cloud);

* managing Python web app development;

* designing server-side and client-side architecture;

* optimizing database function and management (ideally PostgreSQL);

* using object-relational mapping (ORM).

* Ability to manage two or more concurrent projects, working both independently as well as with a team.

* Ability to effectively communicate with non-technical users, responding effectively to user needs.

* Ability to write effective technical documentation.

In addition, other helpful (though not necessary) experience would include having worked remotely on a software development team and having developed and deployed software for governments and/or nonprofit organizations.

For further details, see the job listing on ITEP's website.