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Posted 8 months ago

Civic Eagle is a fastgrowing, venture-backed startup building technology for the future of civic engagement and political transparency. Our flagship software product makes it easy for leading organizations to find and analyze legislation and regulations around the world. 

Take leadership of delivering an amazing experience to user who are changing the world! Our application serves people who help shape public policy: whether good laws get passed and bad laws get stopped - or not. Our lead UX engineer will deliver the interfaces that empower them to collaborate effectively within policy teams in the challenging, data-rich context of a legislative session. We have super cool users, a backlog of exciting UI ideas, a designer who keeps getting kudos, and a web application that needs only the love and attention of someone who is Serious About Frontend. That’s you! 

What you’d be doing:

  • Collaborate with our Chief Product Officer to flesh out and improve the design of new user experiences.

  • Build out new features in our React application and iterate within our tightly-focused product development process.

  • Deepen and systematize our use of user behavior analytics tools to continually evaluate the impact and quality of UX.

  • Implement automated behavioral testing to reduce regression and lower the cost of new feature iteration.

  • Take ownership of improving our methodologies around React, Redux and other frontend design/component patterns.

  • Take ownership over quality of the frontend application, introducing initiatives to ensure that what we are delivering is performant, mobile-friendly and accessible.

The right person for this role:

  • Upholds our company values: We put people first. We believe in transparency. We are audacious thinkers and doers.

  • Has experience and willingness to work in a remote-first, distributed team.

  • Gets excited about delivering tools that truly move the needle for people who do important, world-changing work.

  • Believes that diversity and communication are core strengths in an engineering team.

  • Wants to join a startup at the stage where culture is being actively established and engineering habits are being molded.

  • Cares about civic engagement and the health of our democracy.

  • Brings to the table several years of experience delivering modern frontend applications.

  • Demonstrates skill with techniques/patterns for managing complexity in frontend applications.