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Posted 3 months ago

Help us grow and become the biggest Chocolate Company int he World.

This role is the life blood of Mid-Day Squares. We are looking for fun, energetic, motivated people to help Mid-Day Squares become the best selling chocolate brand in the world.

We are the leader in a category we created “Functional Chocolate”. We want you to join us at winning and to ensure we continue winning.

What we're looking for:

-A player, who makes sure everyone Mid-Day Squares is a leader in DTC.

-Understand the Shopify platform in and out, and be fluid with Shopify's template Language Liquid.

-Lead the direction and usability of our website

-Lead the direction of all of our internal tools.

-To make the UX Shopping experience as seamless as possible and as easy as possible to allow our customers to buy and checkout with near zero friction.

-To help build incredibly efficient workflows that allow the company to gather and deploy user acquisitions strategies.

-Be very comfortable with database structures so that we can capture detailed ecommerce data while being able to correlate and activate that data to expedite the growth of our customer base.

-Be comfortable running ecommerce under two different countries USA and Canada and the website structures that come along with that.

-Be comfortable integrating and working with API’s.

-Workflow Automation is your passion.

• 3-5+ Years on Ecommercer Teams
• Positive, Solution Oriented Mindset 
• Self-Motivated, Entrepreneurial, and able to work independently 
• Fluent in English. French a plus.