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Posted about 1 year ago

Job Description

This SaaS business provides an advertising tracking and marketing optimization platform used by 1,000s of small businesses to make important marketing decisions and ultimately grow their business online.

In this position your primary role will be as a Linux Systems and Database administrator, working alongside our current sysadmin to maintain, monitor and continually improve the performance and high-availability of our front-end, application and database servers. You'll also help to create tools and automate tasks that make life easier for the rest of the team.

Skills, Experience & Requirements

* 5+ years Linux sysadmin (we use CentOS)

* 5+ years Apache/Nginx (we also use mod_perl, lua and OpenResty)

* 5+ years MySQL DBA (we use Percona MySQL)

* 5+ years Perl scripting/development

* You will be part of our on-call rotation

While the primary current requirement is that of a systems and database administrator, there's also lots of opportunity to expand into other areas as well including backend development/DevOps.

We're still a small team. You must be self-motivated and eager to work independently from your location. If you need a boss watching over you cracking the whip, someone to review everything you do, or you’re a social butterfly, then I'm sorry but this is definitely not for you.

Ridiculous attention to detail is a must, and you should also be reliable to a fault.

While you'll be able to work from home, your favorite coffee shop or anywhere else you want, ideally we're looking for someone in the Austin, TX area. All applications will be considered, but if you're in the Austin, TX area or willing to relocate to this fabulous city that will be a HUGE plus.