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Posted 8 months ago

Hibou has an opening for an experienced Magento developer!

The Magento Developer role will create custom functionality within Magento 2 as well work with third-party extensions and APIs. A bit of front-end development will be thrown in for good measure!

They will also address escalated customer support requests, assisting their Support Assistant co-workers in providing resolutions to technical issues.

If you are a self-starter with a strong Magento development background and excellent communication, this position may be for you! 

About the Role

If you're the person others turn to in order to save projects or handle complex customizations, you're the candidate we're looking for! This role is for immediate hire and requires a full-stack developer (required skills listed below).


  • Understand business use cases, workflows and processes within Magento

  • Make customizations to existing Magento projects

  • Develop custom functionality and applications

  • Basic testing and documentation of customizations

  • Follow development best practices

Required Skills

  • Experience with installation, configuration  and testing of extensions

  • Have worked on previous projects building functionality like custom Delivery Methods and Payment Methods

  • Front-End: Basic; Example: Forms that post to a controller

  • An ability to work independently. Capable of managing your time effectively and performing job responsibilities without 24/7 oversight (this is a remote position!).

Desired Skills

  • Remote API integrations; Example: Reading and updating order details

  • Front-End: Advanced; Example: JavaScript frameworks/progressive apps

  • Magento 1 -> Magento 2 migrations

Other Things You Should Know

This is a remote position. There is some flexibility here regarding when hours are worked, but we do need someone that can primarily work Monday-Friday during normal US business hours. It’s very important that you know yourself well enough to understand if you can self-manage your time and responsibilities each day when in that environment.

There will be metrics and goals for this role. We'll work together to find the ones that make the most sense and will review them together regularly.

You may have noticed the absence of any required degree. This isn’t an oversight! We value experience and an established pattern of taking on challenges and learning new skills over a degree in a specific field.