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Posted almost 2 years ago

The Company:

We’re a tech company that’s changing how people bank and think about their finances. We value empathy, curiosity, craft and efficacy. Our mission is to help people feel confident with their money. We do that by bringing humanity, elegance and ease to the consumer banking experience. 

The Job & Team:

As an Engineering Manager for QA you’ll be responsible for helping your team of Analysts and Engineers test and ship the products that help make banking beautiful. Our engineering managers clear roadblocks, coach engineers on making trade-offs and mitigating risk, and also work closely with our Product Management team to help ensure we are shipping products and features that matter. You will be responsible for overseeing all Quality Assurance for our software development and operations, and automating as much of it as possible. You will design, manage, and maintain all Quality Assurance practices, standards, methodologies, and metrics.

We value design skills, programming ability, and teamwork. As a manager you’ll be expected to work with your engineers to help prioritize work, coach them on learning trade-offs between technical debt and business need, and carefully compromise with product on the same trade-offs. Managers are the mentors who help engineers level up in their careers to go farther and learn more.

We work in Scala, with a bit of Java and Ruby. Most of our data is stored in PostgreSQL, we use Kafka and RabbitMQ, and we’re hosted in AWS. Our apps are native iOS and Android along with a web app written in React. We use Cypress and native testing frameworks with dedicated CI/CD hardware for mobile. Our code is continuously deployed and we ship mobile releases every two weeks. We don’t require experience in our exact stack, but experience with the technologies we use (or equivalent) is a plus.

You'll work most closely with the Product team, Engineering, and of course Engineering leadership to help engineering get work done. We use Kanban to manage work and continuously improve.

About You: 

You have a strong passion around mentorship and coaching, and provide feedback to help the individuals on your team succeed. You recognize that you got where you are in your career not only through your own efforts, but with the help of mentors and team members along the way - and you want to be that source of mentorship for others. You understand what it takes to align teams to the goals of the greater company, and how to cultivate self-management skills in each team member.

One of your strongest attributes are your ability to think critically about Quality Assurance processes and collaboratively improve them. You have a natural instinct about where to draw the line on quality. Your determination to follow through on projects to completion is a strength. People problems are your jam, and you are passionate about helping others navigate engineering.

What You’ll Do All Day:

  • Simple is a mission-oriented company with clear values (empathy, craft, curiosity, and efficacy) that we all take seriously. Everyone is expected to uphold these values for their work; this is vitally important for managers. You’ll achieve this daily by doing the following:

  • Supporting the performance, development, and growth of the engineers that report to you

  • Designing, measuring, and continuously improving the way your team builds and delivers

  • Using your experience to help bake continuous improvement into the process of development at a day to day tactical level

  • Partnering with product and engineering managers to plan and manage work for your team

  • Regular coaching and performance management of employees within you Engineering group.

  • Participation in strategic planning exercises within Engineering.

  • Root Cause Analysis for quality escapes.

We’d Like To See:

  • 3-5 years in your craft and at least 2 years in a leadership role (Team Lead, Lead Engineer, Engineering Manager)

  • Demonstrated experience leading your peers into a decision, new process, etc. Bring examples!

  • Lessons learned in engineering -- what have you learned about engineering teams by being on one that makes management so interesting to you?

  • Ability to mentor, coach and provide feedback all with an aim of helping individuals succeed

  • Demonstrated personal growth in your own career from learning through your team members and mentors

  • Experience leading or exposure to working in a Kanban system

  • Either a college degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering, or related field and/or practical experience in the field

Come As You Are:

We recognize the dire lack of diversity in our industry, and we’re not okay with it. We actively seek to address it with our hiring and retention practices, as well as our office culture. Our culture isn’t something employees join, it’s something they build and shape. We believe that every person and their lived experience is integral to building a work environment, and a product that will change the world. If you’re on the fence about whether you’re a fit, we say go for it, and apply!

Why Simple’s a Great Place to Work:

  • A supportive and nurturing place to work. We know good ideas come from everywhere, so we work to ensure every person feels psychologically safe to take risks and think outside of the box here. Our dog-friendly space provides a wellness room, adjustable desks & ergonomic chairs, monthly on-site acupuncture & massages, all gender restrooms, and dietary & allergy conscious catering.

  • Competitive salary and inclusive benefits package, including 4-months of 100% paid parental leave, additional PTO for volunteer & advocacy days, and affordable health insurance for partners & families.

  • Ample opportunity to connect with your coworkers through company-funded Employee Resource Groups & Simple community events.

  • We’re committed to hiring quality human beings. Simple is a place where others will watch out for you and help you learn. We like and respect one another.

  • We believe that financial confidence belongs to everyone - and we will work to remove every barrier along the way. We sweat the small stuff, and build with intention.