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Posted 11 months ago

Title: Marketing Associate (Remote)

Location: United States

*Do you believe that great marketing is about more than running ads and interrupting people?

*Do you want to help more students and parents benefit from a service that makes a difference?

*Are you looking for the opportunity to show your company, its customers, and yourself what you’re capable of as a marketer?

Collegewise is looking for a marketing associate to become the next great addition to our marketing team. This is a remote position, so we’re happy to consider the right candidate no matter where you call home.

Who We Are
Collegewise is a college counseling company that guides high school students through the college admissions process. We bring sanity, perspective, and clarity to an often confusing and anxiety filled time for families ensuring that students have the resources and advice they need to confidently navigate their journey to college.

Since 1999, we’ve helped more than 12,000 “A” students, “C” students, and everyone in between apply and get accepted to schools sometimes famous, often not that they’re excited to attend. And we do it all with just the right mix of advice, encouragement, and occasional cheerleading to ensure their college admissions process goes smoothly and thoughtfully. We also speak in public, write, and constantly look for ways to spread relevant college planning information to anyone who needs it whether or not they join our program.

What We Do

  • To learn more about our inspiring work, check out this short video.

How We Work

  • To get a solid intro to our culture and the amazing people we work with, watch this short video. You can also learn more about our culture, work style, and benefits here.

What’s the job?

In this role, you will be both an executor of our marketing plan and initiator of smarter, better ways to market.

As an executor of our marketing plan, you’ll join a two-person team (one of whom is our Chief Marketing Officer) that’s responsible for finding and engaging more families who will benefit from what we do. Depending on your particular strengths, a typical week could involve writing social media posts, executing email campaigns, analyzing website data, acting as a production assistant to our filmmaker, redesigning a new web page or flyer or digital ad to better match our brand, communicating with our field offices to offer marketing support, evaluating our SEO strategy, or writing copy for our marketing collateral. We don’t expect any applicant to do all these things well we’re looking for someone with budding greatness in key areas and a desire to learn more about the others.

Great executors can also bring great insight, and we’re interested in yours. How can we improve our marketing efforts? Where do we not look or sound as good as we really are? What do you see that makes you think, “There’s a better way to do this”? This is your opportunity to show a growing company what you’ve got.

If you’re a seasoned marketing veteran who’s used to doing things your way, this job isn’t for you. If you’re someone who’s most comfortable following instructions without thinking creatively or critically about what you’re doing, it’s probably not for you either. But if you’ve got something to offer and plenty to learn, this could be the platform you’re looking for.

You’ll work hard, occasionally in the evenings and on Saturdays during the busy fall season. But you’ll be marketing something that makes a difference, working with people who benefit from the work you do every day, and learning more about marketing than you could ever get from a class or book.

Who are we looking for?

  • We’re looking for someone who makes work a way of life without making it your actual life. Someone who’d rather be challenged by something important than phone it in for something mundane. You want to commit to a calling that matters to you, and you have high expectations of yourself, your job, and your employer.
  • You earn a reputation as someone who can be counted on. When you promise it will get done, your teammates never wonder if you’ll come through.
  • You’re a storyteller at heart who believes that words and images can move people.
  • You love lending a hand and being helpful to others. You enjoy success together with your team more than you do alone.
  • You have strong feelings about what great marketing looks, sounds, and feels like. You can point to examples of websites, copy, videos, etc. and explain why they resonate with you.
  • You’ve already demonstrated your desire and ability to make things happen, and you can point to what you’ve done.
  • And most importantly, you believe in the vision of Collegewise. You want to contribute your skills to our goal of helping as many families as possible transform their journey to college.

Salary, start date, and location

  • This position pays $45-55k, depending on your experience and potential.
  • You’ll have the ability to work from home we care more about the value of your contributions than we do your ability to sit in a designated place at specific times.
  • This is a full-time position, so please don’t apply if you’re trying to hold onto freelance or other work.
  • We’d like our new marketing associate to start as soon as possible, but we can adjust the start date to accommodate the right person.

How to Apply
If your interest is piqued, please start by writing us a cover letter. Like a great college essay, a great cover letter helps us get to know who you really are. You’re more interesting than a generic, “insert-name-of-company-here” letter. So please be yourself smart, thoughtful (maybe even funny). You might also consider checking out our five tips for job-seekers.

Then submit your information at the right. When you paste your cover letter into the text box, your formatting will hold up when we see it (but if it doesn’t, we’ll blame the text box, not you).