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Posted 6 months ago

Gremlin is on a mission to make the internet more reliable and resilient. Pioneering the new discipline of chaos engineering, Gremlin helps leading companies build resiliency into their increasingly complex software systems.

We’re building simple-to-use tools that help engineering teams safely and securely test their systems for weaknesses, fix problems before they become outages, and ultimately increase uptime.

More resilient systems translate to more sales for ecommerce businesses (even on the busiest of days), better uptime for SaaS businesses with SLAs, and fewer late nights on-call handling high-sev incidents.

About the Marketing Designer Role at Gremlin

Our team is growing quickly, and we are looking for a graphic designer who can help shape our marketing and brand.

We believe in simple, intuitive design and user experiences that are a delight for developers to use. 

As our graphic designer, you’ll be responsible for crafting amazing design experiences across a variety of mediums, from web and social, to events and swag, and more. On a day to day basis, you’ll collaborate with the rest of the marketing team to launch initiatives across all aspects of the company, externally as well as internally.

You’ll shape our brand and marketing strategy, visual language, and work across the organization to create an amazing experience for our growing community of developers.

Key Skills and Attributes

  • Deep knowledge of grid systems, typography, composition, and layout
  • Firm grasp of information architecture and content strategy
  • Proven understanding of the nuances of web technologies across browsers and devices
  • Ability to elegantly push boundaries through adaptive design and progressive enhancement
  • Self motivated, creative and able to  iterate quickly
  • Great collaboration, both technical and interpersonal
  • Mastery of design tools (Sketch, Invision, Illustrator, Photoshop Premier)
  • Some motion graphics skills would be a bonus


  • Create consistent, unified experiences across multiple mediums & channels
  • Manage creative production and resources, including contractors and agencies
  • Partner with marketing and executive team to develop a unified brand strategy
  • Collaborate with product managers, designers, writers, and marketers to bring campaigns and brand initiatives to life
  • Advocate for brand, in design and across the company
  • Inspires us to innovate and take risks

About Gremlin

Our founders, Kolton Andrus and Matthew Fornaciari, lived and breathed incidents, on-call, and Chaos Engineering at Amazon and Netflix. As “Call Leaders” they were responsible for guiding teams through analyzing and rectifying global outages. After a decade of developing and advocating Chaos Engineering internally, they captured their learnings in the Gremlin product and launched the company in 2016.

Since then we’ve built an incredible team of industry veterans and people eager to learn and bring their knowledge over from other companies. We’re backed by top tier investors Index Ventures, Amplify Partners, and Redpoint Ventures. Our customers love us, and we’re thrilled to be a partner in their success. 

At Gremlin we value:

  • Work-life Balance - Our product helps engineers spend less time on incidents and more time doing what they enjoy. We expect the same for our employees. We offer a generous PTO policy, high quality benefits, and location flexibility for most positions.
  • Clear Communication - Our communication is direct, concise, and above all honest.
  • Customer First - We work diligently to ensure that what we deliver is of the utmost quality and empowers our customers to be successful.
  • Experimentation - Employees challenge assumptions, experiment boldly, and quickly adopt beneficial ideas while abandoning unsuccessful processes.
  • Ownership - We have skin in the game, master all aspects of our role, and take responsibility for our successes and failures.
  • Scrappiness - Employees use the right resources for the task at hand. Excess and deficiency are equally avoided.
  • Community - We take pride in building and bolstering all facets of our community, both internal and external to the company. We support one another and help others to succeed.

If you share our values and are passionate about building and designing tools used by the best companies in the world, we'd love to hear from you.

Equal Opportunity

Gremlin is an equal opportunity workplace committed to a diverse and inclusive culture. We are headquartered in the Bay Area, with offices in San Jose and San Francisco. We have remote employees across the United States, and many positions are location agnostic.