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Posted about 1 year ago

As the Marketing Director, you will be responsible for building Toptal’s Marketing vertical from the ground up, adapting Toptal’s processes and infrastructure to the marketing field. You will design new screening and matching processes, ensuring world-class quality as you scale. Your ability to serve as Toptal’s domain expert in marketing and to hire, train, coach, and lead your teams will ensure a successful launch of this new vertical.

You will also work closely with teams across the company, including Product, Growth, and Sales to guide the strategy for growing the vertical. You will lead the Toptal team in identifying and adapting to emerging market trends in marketing, defining and representing the future of marketing in the on-demand talent space.

This is a remote position that can be done anywhere.


You will be responsible for developing the sourcing, screening, and matching processes for finding, screening, and engaging the top 3% of marketing experts, worldwide. You will identify and implement the overall strategy around how Toptal will position itself in the marketing vertical. You will be responsible for collaborating with many teams across the organization as the go-to domain expert and will set the standard for excellence in marketing at Toptal. As you achieve success in growing this vertical, you will obtain additional funding to continue to grow and scale your teams, turning marketing into a core part of the Toptal service.

In the first week you will:
  • Onboard and integrate into Toptal.
  • Create a prospectus on the top of the marketing industry that will educate the Toptal team in this new field and guide future strategy through the vertical launch.
In the first month you will:
  • Familiarize yourself with key collaborators in the organization; begin driving cross-team collaboration to build this vertical.
  • Create, test, and validate all steps of the marketing screening process.
In the first three months you will:
  • Screen initial marketing experts into the Toptal network.
  • Start scaling the marketing screening team as applicant volume grows.
  • Develop/adapt core matching verbiage and strategies for this vertical, using established Toptal best practices as a starting point.
  • Match your first clients and talent to set up the first revenue-generating engagements in this vertical.
In the first six months you will:
  • Continue to scale the marketing screening and matching teams.
  • Drive the team to hit revenue goals exceeding $1M in ARR.
In the first year you will:
  • Continue to scale your teams.
  • As your teams grow, you will transition to leading the matching and screening teams, ensuring you are not the bottleneck for the day-to-day service for clients and talent.
  • Drive the team to continue to hit revenue goals, exceeding millions in ARR.
  • Guide the vertical in the direction of tens of millions in ARR and beyond.
  • You must have both breadth and depth of experience in marketing, including digital marketing and transformation, with an emphasis on SEO/SEM optimization strategy, display advertising, marketing automation, and digital transformation.
  • An entrepreneurial or multi-disciplined background is preferable; as you must have experience in developing go-to-market strategies, financial planning and budgeting, brand and growth marketing, and process management/improvement.
  • Possess a deep understanding of current best B2B and B2C digital marketing practices, software solutions, and trends in market demand.
  • You must have experience working with remote and distributed SMB and Enterprise teams.
  • Proven history of success in building teams, managing remote team members and directing engineering teams.
  • The ability to provide clear and concise feedback to senior team members.
  • You must have a good understanding of the freelance marketplace, including experience with hiring highly-skilled freelance team members and building teams.
  • You must be a proactive self-starter who is naturally driven to exceed goals.
  • You must be a world-class individual contributor to thrive at Toptal. You will not be here just to tell other people what to do.