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Posted almost 2 years ago

We’re looking for someone that can successfully market Oxygen, our visual website design software for WordPress. We do not currently have a marketing team. Our current marketing efforts are very limited. Virtually all marketing is currently done by the CEO, and an outside agency handles FB ads. We want you to step in and take over all marketing duties. Except for FB ads, you will own marketing at Oxygen. You will be responsible for social media, email, content creation, paid campaigns, promo videos & graphics, messaging and copywriting, analytics, SEO, AB testing, and everything else related to marketing for Oxygen. A successful candidate will understand the audience for Oxygen and be able to profitably market Oxygen to them. Relevant Skills Social Media Paid Campaigns on AdWords, Facebook, YouTube SEO AB Testing / Conversion Rate Optimization Copywriting Video Production & Graphic Design (if you don’t fire up Photoshop or Premier yourself you know where to go, who to hire, and how to manage those that do) WordPress Some things we imagine you doing (but you may have better ideas): Running ad campaigns on AdWords & YouTube Managing all communication on our Twitter account, YouTube channel, and Facebook page Identifying advertising opportunities in newsletters and podcasts Making our website rank better on Google for keywords that will drive us sales Enhancing our website Writing blog posts educating users about our offering - everything from new versions of our software to comparisons vs the competition to general WordPress knowledge that will bring us traffic Running AB tests on our website Adjusting our messaging / copywriting Producing promotional videos & graphics (if you don’t fire up Photoshop or Premier yourself you know where to go, who to hire, and how to manage those that do) Bonus PointsStrong experience with WordPress is a plus, because Oxygen is a visual site builder for WordPress. If you understand the WordPress economy and ecosystem, you’ll have a much easier time understanding how we fit into the bigger WordPress picture. Is Working For Us Right For You? This is a full time position. You can pick your own hours and schedule, as long as you are working between 30 and 40 hours of the week most weeks of the year. We aim to hire people who are reliable, competent, know which details matter, and write and think clearly. We believe in personal responsibility instead of excessive management. We tell you what you're responsible for; you get it done. We'll mostly stay out of your way, unless it is to help you do better work. We avoid interruptions. Almost all communication takes place in Basecamp, GitHub, and other asynchronous project management tools. Ultimately, the only thing that matters to us is how well you do your job.