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Posted over 1 year ago

Marketing Specialist (Telecommute)

Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States · Operations


Join Brilliant Metrics on a quest to rid the marketing world of waste. Help us tear down silos, kill “big campaign” thinking and impart a results-oriented mindset where the mantra has been, “As long as the CEO likes it.” We are a different kind of marketing agency, focused on helping our clients create sustainable marketing programs with built-in methods for continuous improvement.

Are you the type of person that likes to pull the levers behind the curtain to execute on clients’ digital marketing programs? Do you have experience tackling all the behind-the-scenes aspects of client digital work, from program setup to optimization, experimentation and presentation? Have others accused you of having the super power of being hyper-organized? Do you want to work with a pretty amazing (and totally humble) group of people from the comfort of your home?

If that’s you, let’s talk. Here’s what we’d ask you to do…

Be our technical hero:

  • Generate media plans and budgets based on strategy and constraints established by the account manager and client. You know what’s possible, so you’re the best one to pick the right tactics to get the client where they want to go.
  • Place programmatic, social and direct paid media on a variety of platforms. You will be the one trafficking the creative, creating the line items in various platforms, determining targeting and setting initial campaign parameters such as bids, frequency caps, etc.
  • Analyze data and provide tactical feedback and ideas to the account manager to improve upon performance of existing programs and new initiatives. You’re the first and last one to touch the media and resulting data. As the person most familiar with those details, you’re the first set of eyes charged with identifying successful channels and ways to optimize client budgets.
  • Set up and configure digital marketing tools such as Google Analytics, marketing automation, Google Tag Manager and A/B testing tools. While you won’t be slinging code (unless you want to and have the skills to toss around), you will be wiring the various tools together into a beautifully coordinated system.
  • Place client content including blog posts, infographics, whitepapers, e-books, etc. via clients’ websites, social media and marketing automation.
  • Produce bi-monthly client reports. While you’re making a client’s digital marketing program sing, you’ll pull reports from the various media platforms, compile the data, proof for accuracy and assemble it into an understandable report to be distributed to the client so they can see their return on investment.
  • Analyze A/B tests and experiments for statistically significant results. Present insights gained from experiments to make improvements upon existing programs.

Flex your creative muscles now and then:

  • Fill in gaps with bits of copy, graphics or other creative contribution. You do not need to be an artistic savant in each of those areas, but you should bring something creative to the table beyond your technical prowess.
  • Work directly with partners, client resources and vendors (the folks who create stuff) for production of creative and digital assets. We often use outside resources for our creative needs if the client does not source their own, so you may be asked to be the point person for that resource.

Be a team player:

  • Jump in if someone on the team is drowning. We are an “all hands on deck” organization and help one another when help is needed. If someone is in the weeds and you have the capacity and skill set to lend a hand, please do.
  • Document internal work processes in our knowledge management system and identify ways to improve them. This not only helps future peers onboard easier, but a playbook helps you have a point of reference for those odd processes that are needed but not so frequent that you commit them to memory.
  • Be self-motivated. We are a remote team and cannot walk the halls to see if you are struggling or even there. We do not micromanage or measure success by how much time you spend sitting at your desk; we are a working team, not parents (at least, not parents of each other). Success is based on quality and quantity of work. You must have the drive to turn off the TV, put on your “focus” playlist and kick butt at your responsibilities before the clock is ticking down.
  • Be able to communicate efficiently, both spoken and written. That not only means you can deliver need-to-know information successfully, but you take in information that might be @mentioned in a fast-moving Slack channel and make an effort to skim through those channels semi-regularly. We also have regular video meetings within the team, so you should feel comfortable verbally talking through successes and problems, but not so extremely verbose that meetings regularly run past time.
  • Have humility. No one knows everything, and that’s okay because we are a team that supports each other. You should know your own limits and be comfortable reaching out for help when you aren’t certain of an answer or direction before situations reach critical mass.
  • Be flexible and creative. Multiple clients with varying needs means we all need to be efficient, proactive and able to withstand the occasional tornado of requests with patience, compassion and the occasional unique solution.
  • Do not be a dinosaur. The marketing landscape is ever-changing, so we all must be enthusiastic lifelong students.


  • 2+ years of experience in digital marketing/advertising or equivalent combination of education and experience.
  • 2+ years professional experience in the following targeted advertising: retargeting, behavioral, direct, contextual, remarketing, email/CRM and declared.
  • Experience budgeting and optimizing clients’ digital marketing budget across multiple channels and placing the actual media in tools such as Google AdWords, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn.
  • Proficient in WordPress, Weebly, SquareSpace and/or other content management system (CMS).
  • Excellent in Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint and Word.
  • Proficient in copywriting for social and banner ads, blogs, email newsletters and landing pages.
  • A space to work – some place in your home or good coworking space where the background behind your workspace appears tidy and professional, and you have the ability to hold potentially confidential conversations with clients without interruption.
  • A fast and reliable internet connection – access to a minimum internet speed of 5M down / 2M up so you’re not frequently freezing or disconnecting during video conferences.
  • Daily work location within the United States (military spouses with a documented permanent legal residence that is US-based, please apply). Sorry protectorates, but our payroll service presently only serves the 50 states. This is a W-2 position; we are not able to convert to a 1099 relationship for applicants of outside nations.

Nice to have:

  • Experience with a demand-side platform (DSP) such as Google DV360, the Trade Desk or MediaMath.
  • Extensive experience with marketing technologies such as Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, marketing automation (any flavor).
  • Experience with B2B professional services (working for multiple business clients on multiple projects).
  • Some mild familiarity with digital graphics design and corresponding softwares.


  • Internet reimbursement of $40 monthly.
  • Full-time telecommuting.
  • Flexible work hours.
  • Flexible paid time off.
  • An opportunity to get into a small organization and help shape all aspects of the business with a collaborative team.