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Posted about 1 year ago

Job description

We looking for a mid-level Django/Python developer for production and maintenance of the open-source software that powers several of our web-based initiatives. The candidate must be able to manage a variety of projects from start to finish including application development, maintenance, package upgrades, and API integration. Additionally, involvement in the hands-on, day-to-day operation of existing systems and projects may be required.

 Tip: We prefer to work with US based (college) candidates.


* Helping define / develop the necessary API layers

* Be an intricate part of the full life cycle development process

* Develop enterprise software for our clients using your skills

* Debug and maintain existing code modules

* Design and develop new code modules and functions 

Skills & requirements

Minimum Requirements:

* Minimum 3 years of direct experience with Python.

* Minimum 2 years of direct experience with Django.

* Solid understanding of version control / configuration management Git (GitHub).

* Candidate should possess solid debugging/troubleshooting skills.

* Good communication skills


* Django-Rest framework.

* AngularJS / VueJS

* Amazon Web Services

* Utility or Energy Experience