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Posted almost 2 years ago

Timezone availability 9am-noon EST availability, 3pm-6pm CEST, 4pm-7pm EEST/MSK Type: Full-time, remote Starting: ASAP Salary: USD 3-6k per month. Timezone availability: 9am-noon EST availability, 3pm-6pm CEST, 4pm-7pm EEST/MSK Experience level: Mid-Level, Senior Role: NodeJs backend developer Industry:  Fintech / Real Estate Visa Sponsorship: No Duration: 3 months minimum Client site: New York You will be working with a remote team in a Fintech/Real Estate project. We are looking for motivated mid/senior (3-5 years) NodeJs back-end web developers that enjoy working with state of the art technologies. Our current product uses Typescript on the NodeJS backend, tightly coupled to a PostgreSQL database. You Whether it’s ES6, ES7, or TypeScript, you’re a fan of JavaScript everywhere. As a NodeJs Backend developer, you will interact with the project managers to build robust and scalable APIs for a front-end heavy application. You will be developing new features with a test focused mindset in an agile team. Ideally, you’re familiar with at least 3 of the following: Typescript / ES6 Mocha / Chai / Sinon Babel / Grunt / Webpack / Yarn Express / Koa PostgreSQL / MongoDB Docker / Kubernetes Using Async / Promises