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Posted about 1 month ago

\nToGo Technologies is looking to add a creative and motivated developer to join our team. If you enjoy working in a Start-Up environment, but don’t want the stress of worrying about your next paycheck, ToGo is the perfect place for someone like you. ToGo is a well-established online ordering platform helping restaurants receive and mange orders from both online and mobile applications.\n\nWe are always looking for the best people, and as such, this is a 100% remote position. Work from home, your favorite coffee shop or from wherever you are most comfortable. ToGo has employees in the following cities:\n\n\n* Las Vegas, Nevada\n\n* Nashville, Tennessee\n\n* Birmingham, Alabama\n\n* Atlanta, Georgia\n\n\n\n\nBy no means are you required to live in or relocate to any of these locations but if you live in or nearby, we would love to see you for the occasional lunch gathering.\n\nOther great benefits of working for us:\n\n\n* Medical/Dental/Vision benefits\n\n* Flexible vacation policy\n\n* Company sponsored retreat in December each year.\n\n\n\n\nSkills & Requirements\n\nWe expect to see:\n\n\n* Solid programming skills and a track record of getting things done.\n\n* An autonomous, self-driven, and positive attitude.\n\n* Strong skills in C#.\n\n* 3+ years of production experience in MVC4.\n\n* 3+ years of production experience in AngluarJS.\n\n* 3+ years of production experience with the following or similar: MSSQL, PostgreSQL, RabbitMQ.\n\n* A strong understanding of Git, Nuget and the NPM ecosystem.\n\n* 2+ years of experience in production environments where scale, stability, and performance matter.\n\n* Excellent communication skills (written and spoken).\n\n* A love for technology and learning new things.\n\n\n\n\nWe like to see (but not required):\n\n\n* Knowledge and experience in front-end libraries and frameworks such as ReactJS, Vue etc…\n\n* Knowledge and experience in Node.js\n\n* Experience with continuous deployment.\n\n* Active accounts in online technical communities (StackOverflow, GitHub, etc…).\n\n\n