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Posted 3 months ago

\nScalable Path is looking for a .NET Core Backend Developer to join the team and work on a client project. This is a remote, full-time position.\n\n\nCLIENT COMPANY DESCRIPTION:\n\nThe client operates a popular software for cannabis industry compliance. Is the fastest-growing Seed to Sale Cannabis tracking platform in the US.\n\nThey help cannabis business owners by providing seamless integration with their California State reporting system to monitor inventory, prevent diversion, and collect taxes. About 1,000 cannabis operators currently use the product.\n\n\nDUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES:\n\nThe client needs to rebuild existing ASP.NET v4 apis into a GraphQL API using .NET Core 3.0 and Hot Chocolate . There are existing REST APIs which will need to be ported and improved upon to support the frontend team.\n\n\nYour responsibility will be building the GraphQL endpoint in a modern, well tested and secure manor. Customizing the backend to support the frontend team and application design as needed.\n\n\nThe backend is a new project using C# 8.0 and .net core 3.0. The application will need a focus on Unit testing and end to end testing.\n\n\nThe data model for the application is in SQL Server on Azure.\n\n\nThe client is using Jira for project management and Git (Bitbucket) for source control.\n\n\nRELATIONSHIPS - WHO YOU'LL BE WORKING WITH:\n\nYou'll be reporting to a Lead Engineer and working with a team of frontend engineers, a designer and a product owner. There is an existing daily meeting at 9:00am America/Los Angeles (-07:00) PDT.\n\n\nREQUIRED SKILLS:\n\n- Excellent written and spoken English communication skills\n\n- .NET Core 3.0\n\n- ASP.NET Core\n\n- Entity Framework Core 3.0\n\n- C#\n\n- SQL and relational DB design\n\n- Unit testing\n\n- Ability to move quickly to replicate an existing legacy project and work with existing frontend team\n\n- Git\n\n\nDESIRED (NICE-TO-HAVE) SKILLS:\n\n- Experience with GraphQL (Hot Chocolate)\n\n- Graph theory and GraphDBs\n\n- NoSQL DB\n\n- Azure DevOps\n\n- Webapp Security\n\n- Distributed Systems/Messaging/Event driven systems\n\n- Jira\n\n\nSTART DATE:\n\nAs soon as possible.\n\n\nEXPECTED CONTRACT DURATION:\n\nThis project will last anywhere from 2-4 months.yagJzhkdapAsCMnUw7CpJAMi