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Posted about 2 years ago

G2i is looking for a backend engineer familiar with Node and the AWS serverless stack including Lambdas, Amazon RDS, Dynamo and Incognito. You will be joining a team of 2 frontend engineers working in React on a long term contract project (Oct 2018 -March 2019) with full time requirements for the duration. This is a brownfield Learning Management System (LMS) with existing code bases on the front and backend. The goals would be to release the MVP by December 2018, expand functionality by March 2019 and have a full release in June of 2019. Senior engineers (5+ years of experience) are preferred. We're looking for engineers with production experience working on Node and the AWS serverless stack so please elaborate on your experience in your application. We unfortunately cannot hire engineers who only have personal projects or hobby experience with the tech stack.